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Newest Cast Member Added to SNL: Sasheer Zamata

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The news on Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) newest cast member was spreading the online media and social media world like wildfire on Monday, January 6. The reason for the excitement, astonishing announcement is because this new member of the popular television sitcom is a Afro-Centric woman by the name of Sasheer Zamata.

Zamata is an amazing actress, writer and comedian from New York. She hosts a weekly variety show called School Night at UCBNY on Wednesday nights at 11 p.m. In addition she performs improv with Doppelganger  and BUCKY on Harold Nights, which is also held at UCBNY.

This rising star  is set to make her debut on SNL on the January 18 episode, the same night that rap epitome Drake hosts the show.  The casting of the show came after showcases featuring Black female comedians were held in New York and Los Angeles after the long-running sketch series faces widespread criticism that the new stars of the fan favorite sitcom lacked minority faces and specifically the inclusion of an African-American woman.

For more information on the dynamic comedian and actress, follow her on Twitter @thesheertruth, like her on Facebook or visit her official website at sasheer.com. (Written by  Naomi Bonman)

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