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Savent Preparatory Academy Brings a New Platform for Learning

By Eva Tillman

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Savant Preparatory Academy of Business is an up and coming charter school in San Bernardino founded by Eva Tillman, Jeannette Balcazar, and Jea Reese. The school is scheduled to have a public hearing on Tuesday, February 6 at 5 p.m. All are welcomed to attend this event at the San Bernardino Board of Education Office located at 777 N. F Street in San Bernardino.

Savant Prep will provide a unique educational opportunity for children that will focus on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. If approved, the school is prepared to implement the ‘Your Financial Future’ curriculum developed by Bank of America to teach students skills such as credit, money management, budgeting and philanthropy.

Savant is scheduled to open its doors on August 6, 2018 to students in transitional kindergarten to second grade. The school will offer full-day transitional kindergarten and kindergarten programs, tutoring and intervention for students who struggle to meet grade level standards, and accelerated support for students who consistently perform at mastery. Savant is dedicated to making sure that all students experience academic success and are prepared to become the future leaders of our city.

This public hearing will provide the founders of Savant with a platform to expound on their charter petition and demonstrate that they have community support for the school. If you believe in Savant’s mission to provide students with a foundation that will enable them to become financially literate and seek opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation, please come out on February 6 to help Savant Prep get approved by the SBCUSD Board.


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