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Second Baptist Church of Redlands Celebrates 125th Anniversary

2017 pastor and bishop green secondbaptist redlandREDLANDS, CA- “It takes a Village to last for 125 Years!”

“It has been a VILLAGE EFFORT to preserve 125 years of history and hard work to preserve a future for the next generations,” explains Bishop Jackie Green. “Our village has been our neighbors, the community, philanthropists, the rich and poor, the preacher and  teacher, businesses, government officials, lawyers, counselors, schools, hospitals, law enforcement, other churches, pastors, the elderly, recreation, the young and even the unborn. Our village welcomes all colors, races and genders.”

The Second Baptist Church history dates back as far as 1889, but is recorded as incorporated in 1892.  The first pastor, Sebron Lee was a stately gentleman, and served as the pastor over the “first colored church” that was later named the Second Baptist Church of Redlands. The first church was located on Orange Street in May 30, 1891.  Then the church relocated to State Street in July 4, 1891 and finally to its present location on 420 East Stuart Avenue in 1924.

The Congregation has been celebrating its birthday the whole year by having monthly focuses on their history and wearing their “125…ALL THE WAY LIVE” t-shirts, which is the theme for the celebration. The month of November will kick off with a Wednesday night Joint Communion Service with the First Baptist Church of Redlands (51 West Olive) at 6 p.m., whom they have fellowshipped 125 years.  Pastor Shawn Zambros of the First Baptist Church (First woman pastor) says, “Our two churches have a special and unique bond that has risen out of our common beginnings and has continued over the generations. The pastors of Second Baptist were among the first to welcome me to the City of Redlands and connect me with other clergy into the community.”

Sunday, November 19, will be the culminating service at 10 a.m.  The speaker will be Dr. Stephen Wilson, M.D. of In Your Best Interest Medical practice in Redlands.  He was a former member years ago and is returning to help celebrate this even.  There will also be several honors and awards presented. There will be a fellowship dinner following service.

The Highlight of this year’s birthday celebration is the publication of the 125th Souvenir Historical Journal to be unveiled on Sunday, November 19, covering the 125 years of history.  These can be purchased through the Church. The public is cordially invited.  The church is located at 420 East Stuart Avenue, Redlands, CA  92374.

For more information, please call (909) 793-l074 or visit secondbaptistredlands.com.


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