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What It Do With The LUE: Feeding the Homeless Project 2015

What it Do with the LUE this week is THANK YOU! I want to say thank you to all the wonderful folks that did their part to make our 3rd annual Feeding the Homeless Project, “PASSING OUT HOT MEALS”, a total success. This year we were able to feed over 400 homeless men and women in downtown San Bernardino. LUE Productions was happy to partner with Big AZ FUK, DRAC Entertainment, K.I.O., RIBS, and the Westside Story Newspaper.

We put the call out for donations of food items and socks, drivers, servers, and packers; the community answered. Individuals formed teams and made it happen. I want to thank the staff at the Norman F. Feldheym Central Library for allowing us to mobilize there and Ribs for allowing us to set up the shop. I loved the fact that we had several community organizations, small businesses, entertainment entities, and artists involved such as singing sensation, Bernice Celetes, Rapper Yawnie, Gospel Rapper Dunamis L1019, Rap Group Gwaap Fam, Rapper Dada Doe, United Nations of Consciousness (U.N.C, Black Collar Entertainment, Black Chamber of Commerce Inland Empire, Rigorous Grind Graphics, Unlimited Tax Service, and many more.

I have to give a major shot out to two amazing ladies Rochelle McCoy and Elizabeth Pinder-McSwain. Next year we will do our best to feed MORE.  We will always out on for our community; it takes ALL of US L’zzz!  Please follow LUE Productions on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram

And before I let ya’ll go, I want to give a major shout out to our hometown boys GWAAP FAM. They are on 99.1 KGGI’S First Listen. Please do me a favor and SHARE the link below. We need for you to help us flood the web site. Once you’re on the website switch to desktop to leave a comment. Support NOW not later. Thank you!

BOTTOMLINE: POLICE LIES MATTER, Caught You in A Lie… How many have I missed You In?

Publisher’s Commentary by Wallace J. Allen

The Chicago Police Department covered up a brutal police shooting. They destroyed and hide video evidence of one of their officers shooting and killing a Black Teenage boy. The officer then continued to riddle the apparently dead body with additional bullets… A total of sixteen bullets!

The officer said he was threatened by the boy… There were at least three other police officers witnessing the shooting… They were on duty, so some will argue, they were really participating.  Their “incident reports” regarding the shooting obviously supported the “boy was threatening” story!

The Chicago Police Department convinced the victim’s family to promise to keep silent about the shooting by quickly offering 5-million dollars in ‘hush mouth” money! One question is, did the Chicago Police Department tell the family how the killing really took place and that there was a video of the entire sixteen shot shooting?  If not, it looks like another lie that the Chicago Police Department is caught in.

A stubborn journalist sued the Chicago Police Department in a “freedom of information” action and was awarded the power to force the release of the video.

The video shows the teenager walking away from the policeman who started shooting the “threatening” boy while he was at least two car lengths away from the officer… The officer shot sixteen times and each bullet ended its journey with body wrenching impact on the dying, and for some of the bullets, the dead body of the teenaged Black Boy.

The Chicago Police Department’s response to being caught in this morass of lies has to this point been to, after a year, finally charge the shooter with murder. However, that arrest occurred only hours before court ordered public viewing of the incriminating video.  Days of community protest and national outrage have initiated the Mayor’s firing of the Police Chief and his request that the citizens of Chicago trust his good intentions.  That would suggest that the mayor had not seen the video and that he was not party to the cover up… Would you drink that Kool-Aid?



California Raiders win NDPFL football Championship

raiders 1By Dwaine Radden Jr. (University of New Mexico Sports Blog) 

The California Raiders captured their fourth Championship in ten years Saturday night with a 24-14 victory over the Las Vegas Trojans. The Raiders started the opening drive with their prolific rushing attack led by running back Eric Marshall who had 15 carries for 105 yards and 1 touchdown. The Raider offense struggled the previous two weeks and had key injuries coming into the Championship game but still managed to put points on the board.

Former Utah State commit Quarterback Robert Fuller threw a 15 yard touchdown pass to Mikael Bowden to put the Raiders up 7-0. The Raider defense came into the game with high expectations and continued to create turnovers against the Trojans. Defensive back Lamar Jones picked off the Trojans quarterback to give the Raiders offense another opportunity to score.

The Raiders who are currently ranked #2 in the Western Rankings according to Amateur Football Power rankings continue to drive the ball down the field with a pass from Robert Fuller to veteran wide receiver Kiyron Brokendough which led to a touchdown, but the Raiders failed to convert the PAT.

The Trojans would not go down without a fight, they continued to move the ball down the field after halftime taking the lead 14-13. Former San Bernardino High school football standout Mike Fields forced a huge fumble giving the Raiders a chance to regain the lead. Running back Eric Marshall who has been a torture for opposing defenses during the playoffs had a huge 60 yard touchdown run to lift the Raiders ahead 21-14. The Raider defense played tough hardnose football to hold the Trojans to 14 points. Kicker/punter Tim Parker put his foot on display again

Saturday night with a field goal to put the Raiders up 24-14 with 2 minutes left for the Trojans to score.

In those classic football movies it’s always that last drive that tells the ultimate comeback story. The Trojans had one last shot to create that comeback story. Raider defensive back Damien Hale created a moment of his own with an interception to seal the deal. Owner Dwaine Radden Sr. said, “I’m proud of the players and the staff for believing and buying into our Franchise and team code, “Discipline, Determination, Dedication Equals Winner always on and off the field.” Raider Head Coach Antonio Marshall said, “We played great, it was a close battled but in the second half we made adjustments.” He also talked about winning the coveted NDPFL Championship, “I feel like a 1200 lb gorilla is off my back, having to follow in the footsteps of Owner and former Head coach Dwaine Radden Sr.”

The California Raiders are ranked #2 only behind the #1 Colorado Greyhawks and will have an opportunity to play for a National championship. Coach Marshall talked about the ranking after the game stating, “It’s a blessing to even be ranked, we could be ranked #1 but we’ll take #2 for now.” The Vegas Trojans finished ranked # 8 but still had a very good season and showed signs of promise. The Raiders have been one of the most dominant semi-pro teams in the state of California, and in the country.