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San Bernardino Valley College Hosts Weeklong Leadership Academy for Young Women

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- A recent series of workshops at San Bernardino Valley College educated young women about the importance of aspiring to leadership roles to bring about change in their local communities.

Sponsored by the BLU Educational Foundation, the Soul Sisters Leadership Academy was launched on July 18 and attended by several dozen local high school and college students, ages 14 to 21. Workshops focused on African American women’s history, self-identity, racism, sexism, and the importance of women taking leadership positions on school and college campuses.

“I am glad that we can discuss the realities of discrimination in a safe and open environment,” says Ana Stewart, an SBVC economics major. “I don’t think there is enough discussion about the challenges of being minority and female in the Inland Empire.”

Debra Robertson, the mayor of Rialto, shared an inspiring account of her own path to becoming the first black mayor of her city, referencing her family’s long history of community involvement.

For more information on the BLU Educational Foundation, visit www.bluedfoundation.org.


By Naomi K. Bonman

In today’s society, people, especially the media and the government, put labels on people. On job applications they want you to “label” yourself by putting what ethnicity you are, when it shouldn’t matter what color you are but what should matter is how well you do your job. Because we have become so accustomed to labels, we label ourselves. People will say, “Oh, I’m a Black such and such because society say’s so.” 

The BRANDED COLLECTION by Sophisticated Relations was created to erase the stigma behind labels. We want people to know that they are their own BRAND by simply being themselves. The way you carry yourself, your personality, that is your overall BRAND. If you’ve been through hell and back, but now you have made a name for yourself and you are an inspiration for your community, then your BRAND can be that you are a ‘Strong, determined, and successful Black/Latino Woman/Man.’

So without further due, I introduce you to the first batch of the BRANDED.YOU collection. View more photos of the collection below or buy it at www.sophisticatedrelations.com/shop.

What it do with LUE: Kei Lane Royalty

Kei Lane Royalty

Kei Lane Royalty

By Lue Dowdy

That Las Vegas talent is WHAT IT DO this Week. Check out female emcee Kei Lane Royalty.

Kei Lani Royalty (Pronounced Key Loni) was born to parents Dorine and Junie Maddox in Chicago, Illinois as the 8th child out of 10. All of her siblings and parents moved to Palmdale, CA when she was 4, where she was then raised. At the age of 9 she started writing her own music. She wrote her first song titled, “Got an attitude.” She was on and off with music throughout her childhood up until the age of 20. When she met “Fully Loaded” she immediately was determined to never stop again. She is also known by the name Princess K, but has developed into Kei Lani Royalty. 

She has worked with many artists such as Angel Combs (The Hit Mechanix) and producers which include Tyron Allen and Flawless Track whom has produced for artists such as Wale. She recently was involved in a video shoot in Las Vegas by Tay Price called “REP YOUR CITY” Filmed of Honey cocaine’s Vlog/interview and multiple video’s from Dizzy Wright of Funk Volume.

Kei Lane is currently residing in Las Vegas where she is continuing her love for music. She recently released her album “It’s Royalty” and mixtape “The Bitch in Me” on Datpiff. Her second album “The Maturity” will be released in 2016 from her record label It’s Royalty E.N.T. 

You can download ringtones and the album NOW. “It’s Royalty” on www.reverbnation.com/keilani, watch video’s, interviews, and 16 bars from Kei-Lani’s on YouTube under princessk320 or Kei Lani Royalty, Facebook: Kei Lani Royalty, Twitter @keilani1, and Instagram @keilaniroyal1.

Until next week L’z high in the air!