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San Bernardino County Dignitaries Participate in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Last week, Assemblymember Cheryl R. Brown (D-San Bernardino) and other local officials took the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that renders patients unable to use their voluntary muscles. Those afflicted with ALS, including 300,000 people in the United States, lose their ability to walk, talk, move, and breathe. Assemblymember Brown took the challenge in honor of her husband, Dr. Hardy Brown, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2002. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is held annually in August until a cure is found.

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President Obama’s Visit Puts Focus on Fast Growing African Economies

AGED Summit Brings Decision Making Africans to Los Angeles

5eeaObama-and-Tanzanias-President-Jakaya-KikweteLOS ANGELES, CA- President Obama visited Kenya to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit — a gathering of over 1,000 entrepreneurs from around the world, convening to discuss how small business, with an emphasis on technology, will drive Africa’s economy forward.

This was a meeting that attracted the senior leadership of companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, General Electric, etc. Africa is home to five of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, and Nairobi is considered the Silicon Valley of Africa.

The African Global Economic Development Summit (AGED) will also focus on the African Nations who are the world’s fastest growing economies…  But you don’t need to go to Africa to participate. AGED takes place August 6, 7 & 8 in Los Angeles on the USC Campus.

The Third Annual African Global Economic & Development Summit (AGED) is focused on Africa’s fastest growing economies. It will highlight what is driving them, and how Americans can engage in trade and find prosperity on the mighty continent of Africa. The summit will explore Africa’s fastest growing economies from 2013 to 2015. Africa is home to eleven top GDP producing nations among the World’s Top Twenty Fastest Growing Economies.

The Summit will disclose and highlight the African Nations which have, or are undergoing regulatory reforms to provide an enabling environment and solid footing for foreign investment. The African Global Economic Development Summit assists Americans to uncover and access the hidden investment opportunities in Africa.

The AGED Summit, a comprehensive Africa-focused business event, annually brings business and government officials from African nations to California to showcase their trade-ready projects in need of technical and investment partners. Financial institutions and investors are prepared to offer funding support.  Government entities offer export assistance, and information on public initiatives to help Americans do business in Africa. During the Summit, immediate business matchmaking between U.S. and African businesses occur because the event provides businesses functional access to contracts and potential African partners. Opportunities exist for micro-enterprises, small businesses, multinational corporations and global conglomerates. Financing is available on site. Business representatives in the United States will have a rare opportunity to connect with Africa, right here in America. This event puts decision makers in the same room. Some deals will be made and many doors will be opened!. Follow-up activities include trade missions to Africa, logistical assistance and excursions to local project development sites.

For more information and registration, visit www.agedsummit.com.


Music History was Made in San Bernardino

Diva's Basement (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)

Diva’s Basement (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)

By Naomi K. Bonman

It was definitely a night to remember! One that each artist in the Inland Empire will hold dear to their hearts and never forget. LUE Productions made musical history in San Bernardino, and in the Inland Empire as a whole. The first annual Indie Artist Award Show, which was held on Saturday, August 1 in The Sports Center at The National Orange Show, was a phenomenal success. It was definitely a great kick-off to roll into the end of summer!

Each artist that performed truly brought their A-game and executed their talents on stage as if they were the Grammy Awards. Some artists that stated that they didn’t want to put their award down to perform because they were appreciative to receive the honor of making great music and grinding day and night in the studio. This is the stepping stone of seeing their hard work pay off.

Speaker Junkiez (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)

Speaker Junkiez (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)

The evening started with a red carpet and networking affair. Each indie artist and business representative were escorted on the red carpet with their team and loved ones suited and booted in the best attire. During this hour there were also a few pre-performances and a fashion show presented by LUE Productions models. This hour concluded with a countdown to the award show.

The recipients that were recognized this year included: Yung Miss, Nya Banxx, Carl Fontaine, Aaron Swift, Teknik Yung Prospect, Official Bizz, Dunamis L1019, Imon, Gwapp Fam, T-Bone, Paul Douglass, Justified Smith, Hannibal Lec, Yung Muuisk, C Dub, Speaker Junkiez, Cali G, Lowla Scott,

LUE Productions models (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)

LUE Productions models (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)

and Mack Pepperboy. In addition to the artist award recipients, there were special community recognitions of individuals and companies that received “The Allen Award” for their hard work, dedication, and commitment that they do within the community. These individuals were: Wallace Allen of the Westside Story Newspaper, Monivision TV, Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce-Inland Cities, Mike C a.k.a. The Guru of the I.E., The Real dirty Birdy, and Bigg Dee.

Surprise awards were given to Talon “Lata” Wilson Sr., Naomi K. Bonman, and Comedian Anthony Stone. They were given awards for their commitment and dedication to their contributions that make in the community, as well as to LUE Productions. To celebrate everyone’s success there was a after party where Lil Mike Tyson of THAD and LUE Productions models Faith and Cassandra hosted. Radio Base turned out the night during this hour.

If you missed out this year, mark your calendars to for Saturday, August 14, 2016. Follow LUE Productions on Facebook to keep updated with upcoming events.

Lue Dowdy (LUE Productions Founder) and Navarre Bell and Tammy Martin-Ryles of the Black Chamber of Commerce-Inland Cities (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)

Lue Dowdy (LUE Productions Founder) and Navarre Bell and Tammy Martin-Ryles of the Black Chamber of Commerce-Inland Cities (Photo Credit: John A. Castro)