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So Cal Police “Represent” Add to Nation Wide Killing Spree

BOTTOM-LINE… Publisher’s Commentary by Wallace J. Allen

The nation was shocked with the recent release of a video depicting New York police chocking a Black man to death. As the impact of that visual was fading from the front pages, yet another incident was reported on the alarming news of a police shooting and killing an unarmed Black male in Missouri. Several days later the Los Angeles Police Department shot and killed a Black male and one day later on August 12, a San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff electrocuted a Black Male by tasing him multiple times.

These police killings, though shocking to all, still represent old news to many in the Black community. As the Black Male body count continues to climb, social media and internet journalism push today’s speedy flow of information, giving a new focus to the police killing spree.  As heart wrenching and predictable as the years of police killings of Black males can be, the fact is that society has reacted as if each killing is an isolated event; however, social media and the general press’ struggle to deliver “breaking news” have caused “real time” response to the killings allowing the public to see the frequency of police killings.

I regard the police killings of Black men as a symptom of the “State of Emergency” that exists in America. America’s potential has been warped since her birth, resulting from being nursed by the lie of white supremacy.  Some of us realize the great human potential that is sacrificed in the name of racism. That racism starts to express itself in pre-school, and is documented in the disproportionate statistics that describe dropout rates, unemployment rates, and ultimately the incarceration rates for Black Males. If the white population matched the dropout, unemployment and incarceration rates of Black Males, a “State of Emergency” would surely be instituted, and solutions solicited.

Today’s racism is an echo of the past. A past, not forgotten, and certainly, not corrected. The stain is deep in the fabric and therefore the fabric needs deep cleaning.  We need to do as much to change it as we did to arrange it. What was targeted for destruction must now be targeted for construction!  Any true depiction of America’s history will show the consistent rate of contribution by Blacks to America’s growth and development, from Crispus attucks to Barack Obama.  The bulk of those contributions were made despite race-based barriers.  Trading Black male potential for a few jobs in jails and correctional institutions is a bad investment, especially when one considers the social benefit that comes when race based barriers are replaced with efforts to target Black men for development.

Racism has isolated and targeted Black males for destruction and all of America is suffering for it. There are things that can be done to change the potential of Black men, and thus the potential of America.  There are some quick fixes as well as long term projects and campaigns that I will suggest in this as well as in future writings.  There is a tendency among people who know that they have been maliciously mistreated to want to “get even”.  I submit that, “You cannot get ahead if your goal is to get even”!

One quick fix that has long term benefits is, ‘Public Service and Safety Training.’ All citizens,      Black men in particular, should be given the opportunity to learn to become first responders.  We cannot predict who will be in a position to provide first response care at an emergency; therefore, training first responders is a public benefit.  Status and self esteem is a personal upgrade for the trainee and a societal asset in case of emergency.  Businesses can sponsor public safety teams as a means of advertising and public relations.

This is not the greatest idea in the world, but it is based on “getting ahead” as opposed to “getting even”.  What do you think?  Please write me at walleniv@yahoo.com.

Leading career and technical education provider breaks ground on new Inland Empire campus in the City of Colton

Breaking Ground with Assembly.Mayor.City.Chamber.CET

Center for Employment Training (CET), a leading, nationally accredited, non-profit provider of career and technical education broke ground on its latest center located at 1099 N. Pepper Avenue in the City of Colton. The event took place on August 14th and was attended by several community and elected leaders including Josue Castillo, representing the Office of Assembly Member Cheryl R. Brown, City of Colton Mayor Ms. Sarah S. Zamora, City of Colton District 1 Council Member David J. Toro, City of Colton District 3 Council Member Frank Gonzales, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chetay Catalano, CET CEO Hermelinda Sapien and CET center directors from Coachella, El Centro, Oxnard, and San Diego. The new center will more than double the number of programs currently offered by CET to the Inland Empire region. Once in full operation, the center is expected to annually enroll about 300 students for training on in-demand occupations and have a significant and positive socio-economic impact on the community.

At the event, CET leadership was presented with a resolution by the Office of Assembly Member Cheryl R. Brown and a certificate of recognition by the City of Colton. Throughout the event, the new center location was visited by various community partners and local citizens eager to learn about the new center and the training programs that will be offered. Juan Pollo and Sushi Miguel’s Style provided a little taste of Colton to everyone in attendance while Home Depot proudly showed their support by providing shovels used for the ground breaking.

Scheduled to open late fall, the new center will offer several industry-driven programs including Automotive Technology, Business Office Administration, Electrical, Logistic Technician, HVAC Technician & Green Technology, Machinist Technology-CNC, and Welding Fabrication. The programs will be affordable and accessible to individuals seeking skills that are in demand by industry. CET leadership is excited about the new campus and looks forward to working with the community to make this new endeavor a success for the City of Colton and the Inland Empire.

Founded in 1967, CET has been nationally recognized for excellent outcomes in program completion and job placement assistance. With a national network of 15 centers across California, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, and North Carolina, CET successfully provides job placement assistance to over 3,000 individuals per year.

Mayor Pete Aguilar Launches Middle Class Initiative

Mayor Pete Aguilar

Mayor Pete Aguilar

SAN BERARDINO, CA – Today, Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 31st district, announced his campaign’s Middle Class Initiative, a set of priorities to expand our nation’s middle class, focusing on the issues that affect the daily lives of Inland Empire residents. In his statement, Aguilar pledged his commitment to these issues and the middle class families he hopes to represent in Congress.

“This race is all about the Inland Empire’s middle class,” Mayor Aguilar said. “As our economy continues to recover, we must remain committed to policies that will grow our middle class and expand opportunity for those aspiring to get there, like raising the minimum wage. As I meet with voters and listen to the concerns that affect their families, the same issues come up again and again: a quality education for their kids, a good paying job after college and a secure retirement”.

“These are the values of the middle class, the values of my family and families across our region. I will do everything I can to make sure we deliver”.

Pete Aguilar’s Middle Class Initiative is a 3-part priorities list that focuses on strengthening education, creating a robust and fair economy with good paying, middle class jobs and a commitment to our seniors and future generations of retirees.

Education: A fair economy starts with an equal shot at success, and every student in America deserves an opportunity to succeed. As the father of two young children, Pete supports early childhood education for all students and robust funding for schools across the country. He is also an advocate for Pell Grants and student loan reform. College graduates should enter the workforce ready to start their adult lives, not drowning in debt that will prohibit them from buying a home or starting a family.

Economy: Pete is committed to supporting policies that will grow our economy and create jobs. He supports small businesses, one of the greatest engines of economic growth in our communities, equal pay for women and raising the minimum wage. Pete also believes that corporations should pay their fair share and be encouraged to keep jobs here in America instead of outsourcing good paying, middle class jobs overseas. He is a strong advocate for smart investments in manufacturing, infrastructure and renewable energy.

Retirement: Pete believes that we have a moral obligation to keep our promise to seniors and future generations of retirees. He will always support Medicare and Social Security and refuses to balance the budget on the backs of seniors. Americans who work hard their entire lives deserve to retire with dignity.

Pete Aguilar is a small business owner and Mayor of Redlands. He is a strong advocate for economic growth and fairness in the Inland Empire, a leader who has reached across party lines to serve the best interests of middle class families in San Bernardino County.