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The Hebrew Review

By Shalom Ysrayl

“For the encouragement and uplifting of my people”

Our little ones should be the primary focus of our lives, for they are the ones that will follow our traditions. Therefore, we must give our best attention toward them in the best of ways. The Word informs us of how we are to conduct ourselves while we are in the land of our exile. When we follow the plan for our lives given to us and our children, then we cannot go wrong, it’s when we follow our own ways and the ways of others being disobedient to the rules laid down for our success. We know that the way things have been going hasn’t been the best for us. We do not occupy any real estate; we have no seats in high places; we have nothing that we can say is ours. We lack our own defense system. How will we defend ourselves? How will we clothe ourselves? How will we educated our children? Unless we do these things for ourselves. We will never attain freedom; we will continue to be as Lazarus sitting at the rich man table begging for bread. Note: Whose table it is… So, if things haven’t been exactly as we would like them for ourselves, then we will change them. Now we no longer will look at life through other people’s eyeglasses, but our own! The life and character of those of our ancestors of ancient times. We today must emulate, we must learn the life, and “We have guides.” Once we adopt the faith, we will achieve the best for our little ones. The Word teaches the Best of Life, we follow the Word, it’s our Word—HEBREWS!!!

Photo Recap: Old School R&B Group, Troop, Reunite in Concert for BET Weekend

LOS ANGELES, CA- BET Weekend always reunites old and new talent; it’s like the family reunion of the entertainment industry. Old School R&B Group, TROOP, came together again for the 4th Annual City of Angels Celebrity Red Carpet Experience 2017. The event took place at the UNION club in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 22 to kick off BET Weekend.

(Photo credit: Kristina Dixon/11:One Visuals).

What It Do With the LUE: Infuse Dance Studio

belly dance

By Lue Dowdy

Infuse Dance Studio, Tuesday Night Belly Dance Class with Zada is What It Do! Get started today on a better and healthier you. Learn the fundamentals of: Lifts and drops; basic shimmy; undulations; stance and posing; hip, chest, and hand circles; and shoulder drops.

Other perks include: fitness, core strengthening, toning, enhancing or getting your sexy back, and FUN!

Bell dance is a beautiful, expressive dance which empathizes complex movement of the torso. Come out and get ya’ shimmy on! Until next week, L’z!

For more information and class times, please contact the instructor at (909) 556-7637.