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Hip–Hop Icon Charli Baltimore Speaks on Motherhood, New Label and New Projects

From left to right: India, Charli Baltimore, and Siaani. Photo credit: Sheron Barber/Synergy 7

From left to right: India, Charli Baltimore, and Siaani. Photo credit: Sheron Barber/Synergy 7

Interview by Naomi K. Bonman

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Who remembers the record label Murder Inc.? If that rings a bell to you then the song “Down A** Chick” featuring Ja Rule and Charli Baltimore should sound familiar. Besides the two mentioned artists above, Murder Inc. also consisted of Ashanti, Irv Gotti (manager), and Vita. The label was established in 1990 and due to certain circumstances; the label fell under in 2007. However, since then each member from the crew have went their separate ways and succeeded as individuals.

Philadelphia native Charli Baltimore has made quite a few accomplishments since her Murder Inc. days. She is now one of the executives of B.M.B. Entertainment (Breaking Major Barriers) where she released her mixtape Hard 2 Kill and brought in several artists who are on the brink of their careers. They consist of Cash Paid, Midwest Rico, and Lody Lucci.

One of the major current projects that BMB Entertainment’s artists will be embarking on is a unique branding tour with the goal of raising the label’s and each individual artist’s profile by gaining 30 million impressions in 30 days. The 2014 Impressions Tour kicked off at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Wednesday, September 24 and is set to enter 13 to 15 major markets. Baltimore will bless the tour in a few select cities over the next four weeks. To learn more visit www.impressiontour.com or visit @impressiontour on Instagram and Twitter. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

Being an artist on a major record label (Murder Inc.) has helped shape Baltimore’s management position with her current music family.

 “As an artist you understand other artists [much] better,” Baltimore say’s. “When you’re on a major record deal, [normally] the people that are running it haven’t been an artist, so it’s hard for them to understand music in that perspective. I now have a better insight of how to handle BMB.”

In addition to her implementation with B.M.B., the Philly rapper has had an astonishing year with her nomination for a 2014 BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist. She was also an honoree at the 3rd Annual Female Hip Hop Awards. These two major award nominations and honors, after being away from the spotlight for awhile, is a major accomplishment for Miss Baltimore. It goes to show how hard work, dedication, and perseverance pay off.

With her recent achievements, Charli is in the works of a new album entitled, ETHOS. She explained how the creation process is different from what she is used to with past projects. Usually she is accustomed to sitting down for a few months and fully dedicating her time to writing and recording a record. This time around she has been able to find a new way of becoming inspired to write—being on the road.

Speaking of projects, Baltimore recently wrapped up a photo shoot with her daughter India and Siaani in downtown Los Angeles. The shoot was produced by Trea Davenport and photographed by Sheron Barber of Synergy 7. One of the reasons why she was out of the spotlight for awhile was to focus on them to ensure the success of their futures. Her oldest daughter, India, started modeling as a minor and needed a parent on-site until the age of 18. Now that both of her daughters are very successful in their careers, they applaud their mother for being an inspiration and for paving the way for them.

 “Perseverance for sure, [My mom] has taught me to never give up,” India states.

Siaani adds, “[She has] taught me to focus on myself, and not to rely on anybody to take care of everything for me, and to just go and do it myself which motivates me to do better.”

Not only has Miss Baltimore been an inspiration to her girls, but she also inspires other artists to strive in their careers. Yes this music industry business can get rough, but Charli advises you to, “Stay true to yourself and your music because you’re always going to have somebody that believes in the truth and that can relate to what you’re saying.”

In the coming months there is definitely much more in store for both Charli and her daughters. To keep up with Charli please follow her on Instagram and Twitter @CharliBaltimore. India can be followed on Instagram at @IndiaChristin and Siaani can be followed on Instagram as well at @SiaaniLove. To book Charli, please contact Trea Davenport at treadaypr@gmail.com.

WWAM Inc. Launches It Starts At Home (I.S.A.H.)

(center left) Community organizer and Executive Director of Parents of Watts, Sweet Alice Harris, and (center right) CEO of WWAM Inc./I.S.A.H., Dr. Deborah Winn.

(center left) Community organizer and Executive Director of Parents of Watts, Sweet Alice Harris, and (center right) CEO of WWAM Inc./I.S.A.H., Dr. Deborah Winn.

By Dr. Deborah Winn

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- On Thursday, September 18, Willing Winn Associates and Mission (WWAM) Inc., launched its program “It Starts At Home” (I.S.A.H.). The launch event took place at Juanita Jones Blakely Elementary School, where there is a resource center for basic living needs and assistance for needy families and children.

Dr. Winn and Sweet Alice

I.S.A.H. was established in the memory of Dorothy J. Fielder. Fielder was not only the mother of CEO of WWAM, Dr. Deborah Winn, but a missionary, evangelist, and assistant pastor. Winn states that if it had not been for the love, protection, nutriment, and guidance from her parents, she would not be here spreading it abroad.

Stormy Jones doing a praise dance to "Take Me to the King."

Stormy Jones doing a praise dance to “Take Me to the King.”

The event kicked off with a welcome by Ramon Velasco, principal of Jones Elementary. The emcee for the afternoon was Wanda Parker. Sweet Alice Harris, community organizer and founder and executive director of Parents of Watts, made a special appearance. She spoke on working together with WWAM to get the needs met for the youth in the community, Blacks and Browns (African Americans and Mexicans) coming together as one in the city, and on the importance of political leaders.  She also posed the question of the fact on why weren’t there any political leaders present at the event.

Another speaker was the assistant police chief of San Bernardino, Eric McBride. He mentioned how he believes in the notion of “It Starts At Home” and how it should be spread abroad throughout the city because the children and parents desperately need it.

In addition, residents gave their testimonies about “I.S.A.H.” and what it meant to them, as well as what WWAM has done in their lives. They included Mrs. Rasheda Ballard, Ms. Andrea Vejar, Mr. Robert Russell, Juanita Webster (San Bernardino Parks and Recreation), and Ms. Blanca Aguirre.

WWAM  would love to give a special thanks to Stormy Jones who did a praise dance to “Take Me to the King”, and Bishop Larry Jones who did all the artwork for I.S.A.H.

Stay tuned for Juneteenth 2015 at Perris Hill Park in San Bernardino and for another appearance by Sweet Alice Harris.



Wal Mart vs Unions, Trades, Labor and Democratic Party


By Audrey Thompson

Wal Mart is very popular in the African American community, and other low income areas. Wal Mart hires African Americans and their prices are affordable for everyone.

Back when Ford Motor company started, Mr. Ford was adamant about his employees being able to afford his cars. He set affordable prices so not only could regular consumers buy his cars but his  workers too. This is the same for Wal Mart, employees and regular customers can afford Wal Mart products.

Now you have the Unions, Trades, Labor  and  Democrats crying foul. They argue that Wal Mart does not pay their employees fair wages, poor working conditions and poor health insurance coverage. In addition, they argue that Wal Mart closes small business, Mom & Pop stores. So, for that reason the Unions, Trades, Labor and the Democratic Party fight hard to prevent Wal Mart from building in low income communities. Translating into maintaining the high unemployment rate in the African American communities.

Well let’s look at their argument . Usually the so called Mom & Pop stores are family owned and hire less than 25 employees, if that many, and I doubt they have health insurance either. Remember, that was one of the issues regarding Obamacare, that small businesses could not afford healthcare, at all. Quiet as it’s kept, many of the so called Mom & Pop stores are really boutiques and we all know low income African Americans are not shopping at those over priced boutiques and specialty shops.

Let me tell you what’s really goings on. The Unions, Trades, Labor  and the Democratic Party are pissed off at Wal Mart because they won’t unionize, thus getting union dues from tens of thousands of Wal Mart workers. This translates into hundreds of millions of dollars to the Unions, Trades and Labor. Wal Mart hires more African American community members in the cities they build then Unions, Trade and Labor hire in the cities they are working. The Democratic Party needs to back the Unions with this argument because they know it is Union, Trade and Labor money that fuel their campaigns.

Don’t get me wrong, Democrats need money to run their campaigns, however, not at the expense of the African American community. Once again, the Unions, Trades, Labor and the Democratic Party are misusing the African American vote to keep their own personal agenda in full throttle. They continue to misrepresent the truth and hope we will continue to fall for the okeedoke.

You can keep your Trade, Labor, Unions and Democratic Party. I’ll take a job, minimum wage, ability to move up in the company with a pay raise, some health and dental care and  products my family can absolutely afford.

It’s all about jobs in our community. If Wal Mart in our community bring  jobs at minimum wage and some health insurance without Unions, Trades, Labor and the Democratic Party, how bout this – 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing! 100% of nothing is what the Unions, Trades, Labor and Democratic Party is offering the African American family and community.