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Letter to the Editor: We Speak As One Voice

By Keith McCarte

I have traveled around the world to at least 27 different countries.  I have actually lived in 4 different countries for extended periods of time.  I must say, that since before December 2, 2015, San Bernardino has had the highest per capita number of people who loved and cared for their community than any other place I have been.   A close second is Basel, Switzerland where most people speak at least four languages.  In Basil, they learn and study the language of culture.  Whereas here in San Bernardino we live, eat and breathe culture on a daily basis.

With this cultural aspect comes several groups of people who feel very strongly about how to better their community.  We have battled issues such as homelessness, education, employment and economic bolstering during a sagging global economy.  Even though each sect of the community has varying opinions as to how to better our community, each group is intensely motivated to make our community better as a whole and they do so by having a common respect for parallel or opposing opinions.

This is the reason I rank the citizens of San Bernardino number one when it comes to love and care for their community.

Now we have been saddled with a calamity of the first order-the horrific shooting incident of December 2, 2015.  San Bernardino has not been weakened.  On the contrary, we have become stronger and will continue to become even stronger.

We continue to love and care for our community but now we do so with one voice.  Now our voice resonates beyond city boundaries.  It now resonates nationally and internationally.  The whole world is watching and we have stepped up to the plate to become leaders as a city and as a community.  We have shown the world a good example of having love and respect for each other, love and respect for the victims and love and respect for our country.  Have you noticed that our leaders and the citizens within has focused on expressing love and condolences, opposed to the alternative?  We are no longer, Black, White, Latino, African American, Mexican or Asian.  We are San Bernadinians.  We are no longer conservative or liberal, we are San Bernardinians first and foremost.

Out of respect for the victims who have lost their lives, were injured or traumatized we must hold dear to our core values and continue to speak these values to the world as one voice.  We will speak as San Bernardinians.  We must become even closer to our neighbors and friends.  This closeness is not for the purpose of spying on their lives but for the purposes of showing our love and support to each other in times of need.  Let us continue to set good examples in our everyday lives.  Remember…we are San Bernardinians and we speak as one voice.

What It Do With the LUE: Yawnie



Yawnie, Yawnie, Yawnie is What It Do with the LUE this week. When I think of the word multitask, the artist Yawnie comes to mind. I met this talented lady a year ago at an event and had to book her immediately for one of my own. The energy that she gives during her sets is absolutely refreshing. When Yawnie steps to the MIC the crowd defiantly goes hype.

Kenya Jasnae Garrett, known as Ywanie, knew at a young age she wanted her name in lights. Born in Lynwood, California but now an Inland Empire resident, Yawnie is making a name for herself in the music game. Releasing her first album back in 2012 under the label MEDICI/Interscope Records, Yawnie was inspired by artists such as Keyshia Cole, Eminem, and Trina. By studying them, she was able to develop her own unique sound. She has been performing all over Southern California with big names in the industry. I truly admire her drive and ambition to make it to the top.

Being a rapper isn’t the only thing on Yawnie’s list. Her skills range from hosting, to photography, to acting, writing, DJing, and event coordination. Yep, she does it all! So please do me a favor and check this talent artist out. Catch her live on Thursday, December 10 in Santa Ana at Jaspers Bar and Grill. Prepare yourself for the thrill. You can locate her music on Facebook, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud under “Yawni Mami”. Her songs “Respect My Gangsta”, “Made A Star”, and “It’s a Celebration”, go hard!

Please follow LUE Productions on Twitter and Facebook for more reviews. Until next week peeps, stay STRONG & L’z!

Adventures with Newman Leadership Academy

Newman Leadership Academy

Newman Leadership Academy

By Naomi Riggins

SAN BERNARDINIO, CA- It was only a short six-mile bus ride Thursday morning of December 3 from their school to downtown San Bernardino, but for about 60 third, fourth, fifth and sixth-graders from Newman Leadership Academy in San Bernardino were excited to be going on a field trip to the California Theatre of Performing Arts to see the Inland Dance Theatres, Inc.’s 40th Anniversary of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” Ballet.

The Inland Dance Theatre has presented the Tchaikovsky’s Ballet to estimated 225,000 children from throughout the Inland Empire. Newman Leadership Academy’s Principle, Mrs. Payne stated, “It was an awe of discovery for many of the students. It was like watching the lights come on and opening their minds to a whole new adventure and opportunity in San Bernardino”. For those that want to see “The Nutcracker”, visit www.californiatheatre.net for times and ticket prices.

After spending the first half of the day at the ballet, the students were loaded onto the bus and headed to Norman Fedhelym Library for lunch and a tour of the facility. The library provided each of the 60 students with library card application. Just in time for the school’s Winter Break Reading Challenge (hoping each student will read at least 30 books during Christmas Break).

In the cash-strapped San Bernardino County Unified School District, the time-honored tradition of class field trips have been dramatically cut back.  Newman Leadership Academy is looking for additional funding and donations in order to be able to continue to leave the confines of their classrooms and continue to build onto the school’s library and resources.  To find out more about Newman Leadership Academy, please visit the website www.newmanleadership.org.