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Riverside Community Hospital, Held Its 6th Annual Red Dress Fashion Show

By John Coleman    

RIVERSIDE, CA- Riverside Community Hospital presented its 6th Annual Red Dress Fashion Show and Health Expo on Saturday, February 28, at the Riverside Convention Center.   While there was no mistake that the hospital’s motivation for the event was on women’s health, the energy and excitement rippling through the crowded convention center hallways demonstrated that most who registered for the event came prepared to look good and have fun.  The fashion show began, hours earlier, when the doors opened and the guests arrived.


CAAM Celebrates Women’s History Month, Hosts Discussion with Edward Lewis, Co-Founder of Essence Magazine



LOS ANGELES, CAThe California African American Museum (CAAM) celebrates Women’s History Month by hosting a discussion with Mr. Edward Lewis, co-founder of EssenceMagazine, Sunday, March 15, at 2 p.m.

Moderated by television writer Kathleen McGhee Anderson, Mr. Lewis will discuss how he and three men came together to ignite the importance of giving Black women a “voice” and highlight the beauty, intelligence, and passions of African American women often overlooked by mainstream media. Additionally, he will discuss the founding of Essence, his views on “beauty culture” as it relates to black women.

Mr. Edward Lewis, who grew up in the South Bronx, co-founded Essence Communications Inc. in 1970. Beginning as a novice in magazine publishing, his drive and ambition nurtured what eventually became a media powerhouse and what The New York Times calls “the pre-eminent voice for black women.” He has acquired many accolades during his tenure of 35 years as a Chairman, CEO, and publisher for Essence including becoming the first African American Chairman of Magazine Publishers of America, receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of New Mexico, and a receiving the Henry Johnson Fisher Award from Time, Inc.  In 2014, he was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame, and received the inaugural IPPIES Lifetime Achievement Award from City University of New York’s Journalism School’s Center for Community and Ethnic Media.  His admiration for civic responsibility and creating opportunities for the younger generations has provided him with many opportunities to speak at several known colleges, and serve on boards for President Obama and throughout the United States.

The following are other events taking place at CAAM in honor of Women’s History Month:

Sunday, March 8, 2015 12:30 pm-2:20 pm/ Film Screening

Things Never Said(2014,111 min.)

An aspiring poet, in an abusive marriage, reignites dreams deferred and gains confidence and a new love.  This film is suited for an adult audience 18 years and older.  Writer and director of Things Never Said, Charles Murray will be on-hand for a “talkback” and Q&A following the screening. RSVP at 213.744.2024.

Sunday, March 8, 2015 2:30 pm-4:00 pm/ “Talkback” and Panel Discussion

Rejuvenation: Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Writer, director of Things Never Said, Charles Murray will join representatives from Peace Over Violence to discuss domestic violence and strategies for successful intervention. RSVP at 213.744.2024.

Friday, March 13, 2015 9:00 am-2:00 pm/ Screening and Panel Discussion

Young Voices at CAAM: High School Symposium—Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One hundred high school students will spend the day at CAAM, connecting, touring the galleries and engaging in a documentary screening, The Beauty Culture. Also featured are excerpts from the short film, Rapunzel Jackson, followed by a discussion around beauty, media propaganda and how it impacts youth.  Teachers can contact Education Curator, Elise Woodson for participation and more information at ewoodson@caamuseum.org.

Sunday, March 22, 2015 2:00 pm/ Comedy Set

The Funny of Love and Romance

Four hilarious and critically acclaimed comedians will riff on love and romance: Yvonne Orji, Daheli Hall, Ayana Hampton, Kimrie Davis. RSVP at 213.744.2024


Light Catchers opening March 20 – June 7, 2015

Visibly Invisible ongoing through March 1, 2015

Curvature: Lines & Shapes ongoing through March 15, 2015

CAAM Courtyard Series: From Women’s Hands ongoing through May 3, 2015

Lookin’ Back in Front of Me: Selected works of Mark Steven Greenfield, 1974-2014 ongoing through July 5, 2015

The 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965: A Photographic Remembrance From The Spider Martin Civil Rights Collection ongoing through August 9, 2015



The California African American Museum (CAAM) researches, collects, preserves and interprets for public enrichment the history, art and culture of African Americans. Chartered by the California State Legislature in 1977, CAAM is a state supported institution and a partner with the 501(c)(3) non- profit organization Friends, the Foundation of the California African American Museum. In addition to its permanent collection of over 3,000 objects of art, artifacts and historical documents, CAAM also houses a research library containing more than 20,000 volumes, employs and trains high school students through its Young Docents program, and hosts in-house curated exhibitions and traveling exhibitions on a regular basis.  The museum also tours CAAM exhibitions throughout California and the nation.



“Father Knows Best!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

Many of us don’t understand why things happen in our lives. Often we get discourage, we feel like God has let us down – or so it seems… Some of us in the past have had some very negative things and extremely hurtful things happen to us, leaving us wondering why would a God who is so just, loving, and kind allow such a thing to happen to me. I want you to understand that God has a divine plan. Ultimately He knows what it will take to get us into the place that He would have us. Therefore He allows those unpleasant things to come in our lives because He is just trying to perfect and direct us {1Peter 5:10}.Paul said that “everything that we experience in this life; all the struggles, pain, frustration, heartaches, disappointment, and suffering; that all things work together for the good.”  You see, we don’t know our future, we don’t know how the events that happen in our lives will affect us later. But God knows our beginning as well as our ending. Your end was already set before you began. Let me say that again. Your end was already set before you began. I am reminded of Joseph in the Old Testament of how God was using all the events of his life to get him where He wanted him to be. Joseph went from the pit to the palace. Your end was already set before you began. Do you hear what I’m saying? You got to go through to get though. Joseph had to go through to get through. Besides, all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Listen, I want you to know that you are not the only one who felt that God had let them down. Jeremiah felt deceived by God. Jeremiah felt that God had lured him into the ministry only to make him a laughingstock. He felt ridiculed and offended. His voice was not making a difference. He was crying out for the people to repent, yet they continued toward destruction and judgment. The people of God in Isaiah’s time felt the same way too. They were worried about the future. Other nations seemed to be dominating and oppressing God’s people in Israel: God’s people began to wonder was God still in control? Can God still be trusted? I want you to know that God spoke to his discouraged and despairing people through the prophet Isaiah. They needed reminding of God’s awesome power. In Isaiah chapter 40, Isaiah said, when you feel weary, remember that God is incomparable as the mighty King over all the creation. He holds the whole world in His hand. You can trust His enthroned, ruling supreme. What a helpful perspective for us when we’re weary knowing that the Lord is still in control. He’s ruling over all with His mighty power. We can look to Him and trust Him.  I tell you Father knows Best! We shouldn’t give in to our doubts that God has left us high and dry. Jeremiah realized that he wasn’t alone {Jeremiah 20:11}. He came to understand that He was not on the losing side. He was going to win because the Lord was with him like a mighty warrior. Often in our discouragement we look inward – to our problems, our frustrations, and our situation – when we need to look upward to a God who has not abandoned us. He is with us.  He is a present-tense God.  Can I tell you that Jeremiah’s despair turned to joy, his defeated attitude turned to triumph, and his dismay to courage.

I tell you, it is  so easy for us to acknowledge that God knows what is best for us when things are going well for us, but as soon as times get tough, it is so tempting to start to question whether God knows what He is doing. I want you to know that a big part of faith is trusting God when you don’t understand it. The God who created you loves you so much that He continuously acts in your life and in your world so that you and I and all persons can have wholeness of life. This is Good News! Everything about our life is calculated; we may not understand it, but it’s because we’re not God. God has a reason; every door that’s closed God had a purpose for it closing. We sing all the time, “Order My Steps in Your Word dear Lord, Lead Me, Guide Me Every Day.” But what I want to know is do we mean what we say?  If we are asking God to order our steps, let’s not try to figure out everything that happens along the way, let’s just trust Him. Right now we can’t see it all clearly, but one day it will come into focus, and we’ll look back and say “Wow, God you are amazing! You had it all figured out, all lined up. You closed the door on purpose so your perfect will would be done.” I tell you don’t’ fight your closed doors. God knows what He’s doing. He can see the big picture for your life. Those closed doors were not an accident that was God directing your steps, just as you asked Him too. Not only that, the reason God closed them is because He has something better in store. If you’ll have this perspective and not only thank God for your open doors but thank Him just as much for your closed doors, you’ll pass the test. You’ll see the exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond future that God has in store. I tell you, God is doing a work in us for His Glory.  Every situation is known by God and is accomplishing something in us all.  Jesus said in John 14:15,If you love me you will obey what I command.” God’s will for you and me is that we come to that place in our lives where we learn to depend on Him and trust in Him for everything. This is a hard lesson to learn, but a lesson we must learn well if we are to have a close and meaningful relationship with God.

For me, the truest satisfaction in life comes from being in the perfect will of God, doing His work, living according to His choosing. God’s best is not something to fear, He not only knows what is best for us, but He wants us to have His best!  And one thing that we need to understand; one fundamental truth that is spoken throughout all Scripture: God never explains himself. He rarely gives reasons. What we need to grasp is what faith believes? Faith believes that God is too wise to make a mistake. The God of the universe has a plan for our lives, and He is busy enacting it. But it is not easy to discern. It is often above and beyond us. But I say to you, trust Him without explanation, logic and reasoning. Trust Him because He is God. When I look back over my life and think about all the events in my life up unto the present time, the good as well as the bad, the bitter, and the sweet, I can see how God was working it out and how sometimes “rejection is God’s protection.” Say with me, Father Knows Best and He is working it out for my good.  Amen!