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Inland Empire Radio Station KCAA Sends Broadcast Signal to Your Phone

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- San Bernardino radio station KCAA 1050-AM is now available to listeners via telephone.  No internet connection is necessary. You can listen to the station’s broadcast by simply dialing (832) 999-1050 on your phone! Fred Lundgren, KCCA owner, used this announcement to push his station’s slogan saying, “This is another tool that helps KCAA’s goal to “Leave No Listener Behind”!

KCAA is an affiliate of NBC featuring a Talk Format that includes national as well as local programming.  Westside Story News produces a weekly program on KCAA titled “EMPIRE TALKS BACK” (ETB) that is hosted by Westside Story Publisher, Wallace J. Allen.

“This is great news,” said Allen. “Being able to listen to ‘ETB’ directly by calling on the phone will make hearing the program easy for people who are outside of the broadcast signal. That is good for the listeners and for advertisers!”

ETB is broadcast on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. You can now hear the program several ways: on the radio at 1050-AM on the dial, on your phone, and on the internet via www.kcaaradio.com where the program streams live video and where pod-casts are archived.

Sunday, May 11: Mother’s Day Champagne and Jazz Brunch


UPLAND, CA- Mother’s Day is a few days away, and you don’t yet have plans? Treat that special woman in your life, or better yet, treat yourself (if you are a mother), to a special Mother’s Day Champagne and Jazz Brunch. In addition to the brunch you will also be able to indulge in some clean comedy. The event kicks off at 10 a.m. and last until 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 11 at Imagine That located at 1318 West Ninth Street in Upland (91788). Tickets are $35 in advance, $40 at the door and $30 for mothers and seniors. There will also be special entertainment and a lunch for youth in the Imagine Zone at a cost of $15 for youth 15 and under. For more information call (909) 931-1044. To purchase tickets visit PhatX.com.

Celebrating Women Who Have Mother-like Traits

Dr. Misee Haris

Dr. Misee Haris

Interview and write-up by Naomi K. Bonman

Mother’s Day is not just about celebrating women who are biological mothers, but it is also about celebrating those women who possess motherly traits. You do not have to be a mother to be recognized on Mother’s Day. There are several women out there who are role models for youth and other young women that do not have any biological children of their own, but they care about leading others in the right direction and making their lives better through their careers and passions.

Dr. Misee Harris is one of those women who can be classified as phenomenal.  She is a model, philanthropist and nationally recognized leader in the realm of pediatric and sports dentistry, as well as in the advocacy for children with developmental disabilities. Dr. Harris graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2006. She then went on to attend the University Of Kentucky College Of Dentistry where she earned a Doctorate of Dental Medicine Degree. Upon receiving that degree, she became the first African American woman to be accepted into the University of Kentucky Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program.

The successful demist has definitely been making power moves in her medical career. In addition to medicine, she is also an aspiring actress who has sought out to change the perception of how minorities are viewed in entertainment. In 2013, Dr. Harris launched a social media

Dr. Harris is a dentist, philanthropist, model and aspiring actress who is changing the game in entertainment

Dr. Harris is a dentist, philanthropist, model and aspiring actress who is changing the game in entertainment

campaign to become America’s first African American Bachelorette after she opted out of season 9 of The Bachelor upon realizing that she was only cast on the show to fill a quota for the African American woman who would get voted out in the first round. Her social media campaign received great feedback, “I had no idea that it would go viral. It showed that America wanted to see minorities on the show and for thing to be mixed up, especially with interracial dating being popular. It would bring in a new audience,” Harris stated.

Since then Harris has been busy taping anew reality show called “On The Rise” that features three professional Black women as they go about their everyday lives and chronicles events that take place on a daily basis. The stars are Misee Harris, a pediatric dentist, model and actress from Columbia, Tn.; Fawn Stone, an inspiring actress from Los Angeles, Ca.; and Lakesha Yvette Walker, a screenwriter from Graceville, Fl. “On The Rise” will be a “down to earth” reality show that will allow viewers an inside peek into what these three busy women deal with in their professional careers and private lives during their downtime at home. It is not your ordinary reality television show. “On The Rise” is currently filming and set to debut sometime this year.

“African American woman are showed in a negative light,” Harris explains. “We want to show the ones who have goals. Since the early 2000’s and the hit show ‘Girlfriends’, there haven’t been as many shows that portray [us] in a positive light.”

In addition to her reality series, Dr. Harris has made it through several rounds of casting for ABC‘s reality show “Shark Tank” and is now waiting to see if she will make the final cut. If so, she will be presenting her newly designed and customized ProFit Athletic Mouth Guards.

For more information on Misee Harris, please visit www.miseeharris.com.