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“As Promised –The Brother’s Keeper Mission Project Update!”

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By Lou Coleman

This is a different article from the norm of a mission project update. It’s an article as I struggle with the unease and sadness and grief about what I encountered in Ghana Africa as I represented the Brother’s Keeper Mission Project recently. Upon arriving in Ghana I was taken to the aftermath of a great flood that happened two days prior to my arrival. A city destroyed. Homes washed away. Roads covered. Buildings inundated. Communities and villages flooded. The smell of death in the air. The circumstances were so overwhelming as to be mind-boggling. The pictures shown are some of the destruction from the Flood.

As I witnessed some of the destruction, I began in my thoughts about Israel of old and how they experienced natural disasters as judgment because of sin. Filled with emotion, I remember reading Psalm 29 verse 10 that said… “The Lord sits enthroned over the flood…” Then as I continued reading verse 11 it said, this same Lord, “May He, give strength to his people. May the Lord bless his people with peace.” It seemed, at first, odd that they sought peace from the same God they ascribe such awesome and terrible power. But I was also reminded of God’s grace and awesome power which was proclaimed in the ancient story of Noah and the flood and what Israel noted over and over, that there was destruction and wind and storm and uncertainty in this world, but God is still God, and God is not in the wind, nor is He in the earthquake, nor the fire, storm, or even the flood, but mostly in the hope and the hearts of those who can discern His persistent, still, small voice in the background beneath and above and beyond the chaos. As I tried to think about a flood of that magnitude, one question kept floating to the surface. Why would God do such a thing?

lou 2In order to answer that question, the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:37-39 to his disciples on the Mount of Olives before he was crucified drew a fascinating comparison with the days of Noah. He tells his disciples that the past is the key to the future. For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage. They were buying and selling and continuing in all the usual activities of human life. Business as usual. Children went to school each day, businessmen made deals, teachers taught, doctors dispensed healing, and farmers tended their crops. They paid no attention to Noah as he warned them of impending judgment; they paid him no mind whatsoever until the day that Noah entered the ark. Study the days of Noah because what happened in those days will happen again at the end of this age. The spiritual conditions of the pre-flood world will be replicated in the days preceding the return of Christ to the earth. One translation said, “They did not know.” What a damning indictment. It was an age of enlightenment. But they did not know. It was an age of great progress. But they did not know. It was an age of lou 1music, fine arts and literature. But they did not know. It was an age of military might. But they did not know. It was an age when mighty men roamed the earth. But they did not know. They knew so much but understood so little. They knew more and more about less and less until they knew everything about nothing and nothing about what really mattered. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. They had no time for God until it was too late. That is the world of Noah’s day. They were wise fools who did not heed the warnings of the preacher of righteousness. Then the flood came and took them all away. Genesis 6:1-8 offers the Bible’s most detailed answer to the question, “Why did God send the flood?” There was a rapid spiritual degeneration after the first sin. Once sin entered the human bloodstream, it quickly spread until it dominated humanity. But now, with the passing of a few generations, the entire world has become a cesspool of sin. Things have become so evil that God decided to start all over again. Lord have mercy on our soul! For those that have ears, hear what the Spirit is saying.

lou 7The Bible speaks directly then and now to our struggle for meaning in the face of chaos. It speaks to our conflicted hope and trust in God, God within and somehow behind this world of uncertainty and violence, and yes, even death. Could it be that the God of all creation allows such things to happen to remind us that He created us to be our brother’s keeper? For when disaster strikes people come together for a reason. When there is a disaster neighbors begin to talk with each other. The poor widow living across the street becomes important. We begin to touch base with each other seeing if the other person is okay. Now my question is this, why does it take a disaster to bring people together? When disaster happens a community comes together and all of a sudden lives are important. I think it is so awesome and great when we help each other, but this shouldn’t be only because of a disaster. We shouldn’t wait for a disaster to become friendly. Thousands of people survived the flood because neighbors or complete strangers reached out to those in need. They became their brothers’ keepers. And that purposefulness and connectedness brings joy even amidst death, chaos, fear and loss. Don’t wait for your neighbor’s house to be destroyed or a death happens before being neighborly to them. All who claim Christ, we are being called to this opportunity to serve and reveal our faith. Opportunity request personal responsibility and urgency in action. When the question is raised, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  I hope that the spirit wells up within you and says, “You bet I am!

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The good news – In the midst of such devastation I want you to know that what the Brother’s Keeper Mission Project set out to do was accomplished. Praises go to the Most High God! Special thanks to Am I My Brother’s Keeper… Yes I Am – Conduit of Grace Church/Pastor Martin & Dora Lucero; 2 God Be All the Glory Inc. / Dr. Bruce & Carla McMorris; God’s Promise Church/Pastor Robert & Gwen Phillips; Church of the Living God, Temple 208/Bishop Ernest & LaShawn Dowdy; The Beautiful Gate Church Worldwide, Ghana Africa/ Pastor Richard Yeboah; MDISNET/ Reginald Young; Oliver Lambert Realty; Westside Story Newspaper; The San Bernardino American News; Universal Property Solution; Universal Transport Group; Krystal Louie and Deacon & Missionary Warren & Ruthie Roberson. May God continue to bestow His blessings upon you!

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What It Do With the LUE: JaNay JaNeice


JaNay2What’s up and What It Do! Allow me to introduce an upcoming model and the FACE of LUE Productions, Janay JaNeice! LUE Productions is all about working with aspiring artists and helping them to achieve their goals. We’ve recently added a modeling department to our company that contains five other beautiful models.

So, about JaNay JaNeice the model, she was born in San Antonio, Texas but raised in the Inland Empire since the tender age of 6 months. This young lady loves the camera. JaNay’s beauty caught our attention which prompted us to select her to represent our company as the FACE. Modeling for almost a year, she has already received hosting gigs, been in several photos shoots, and music video appearances as a feature model. Her most recent videos include “Look Boy”  with recording artist Aaron Swift featuring IE’s JaNayown Dirty Birdy and recording artist Teknik the Young Prospect, “More Than A Rapper”.

You can catch her in action Saturday, August 1, at the San Bernardino Women’s Club located at 503 W 31st Street in San Bernardino. There she will be co-hosting a long with Comedian Anthony Stone for LUE Productions 2015 Indie Artist Award Show entitled, “MY MUSIC, MY MIC”. Be on the lookout for this beauty! Major shout out to her coach the beautiful and talented Deeveatva Foy. Until next week, L’s!

More about The Face of LUE Productions JaNay JaNeice, “My name is JaNay JaNiece, I am an upcoming model and the face of LUE Productions!
My dream is to take the modeling world by storm. I also aspire to become a veterinarian due to my love for animals especially dogs. In my down time I love to eat and be with my dogs.
Book me for your next event. You won’t be disappointed.”

To book her contact LUE Productions Management at Lue.info@yahoo.com or call (909) 567-1000.

ISAH Hosts Successful and Historical Block by Block Community Event

From left to right: Councilmember Benito J. Barrios, Dr. Deborah Winn, Mayor R. Carey Davis, “Sweet” Alice Harris, Alexis (representative from Assemblymember Cheryl Brown’s office), and Allen Harris. (Photo by Nomi K. Bonman)

From left to right: Councilmember Benito J. Barrios, Dr. Deborah Winn, Mayor R. Carey Davis, “Sweet” Alice Harris, Alexis (representative from Assemblymember Cheryl Brown’s office), and Allen Harris. (Photo by Nomi K. Bonman)

By Naomi K. Bonman

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Between the hours of 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. Wall Avenue was peaceful and full of joy during the first annual Block by Block I.S.A.H. Juneteenth event held by Dr. Deborah Winn and her organization WWAM, Inc. Not only was this event a first annual one, but the ISAH Block by Block Juneteenth Celebration was the first in history to be done in the city of San Bernardino.

This was one of the epic events that took place on Saturday, June 20 in an effort to bring the city back up. Change and progress has been long overdue within the city and things are finally looking up for San Bernardino.

Although the day was hot, guests, vendors, speakers, and performers were able to cool down under the trees of the block while they enjoyed one another’s company in a positive event that was much needed in the community.

“By you coming together today shows that you are committed to helping our community thrive, overcome our challenges, and try to serve one another”, Mayor of San Bernardino, R. Carey Davis, stated. “By serving one another we build from families in creating a strong neighborhood. It is that family unit that must be strong. The stronger we make our individual families, the stronger our neighborhoods and community will be.”

In addition to the mayor’s presence, other political dignitaries that came out to represent change included Councilmember Benito J. Barrios and representatives from Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown’s and Assemblyman Marc Steinorth’s, 40th District, office. They each gave a brieg statement on the changes that they would like to see and are striving to make within the City of San Bernardino. The US Army Recruiting Center was also present to assist young men in options that are available in enlisting into the armed forces. Other activities of the day included expungements, live performances, a prayer circle, raffles and toy giveaways for children, scholarships, vendor booths, and complimentary hot dogs and water.

Juneteenth 3 (Photo by Nomi K. Bonman)

Lastly, when you are out doing good for the community and helping others without excepting anything in return, blessings rain down. WWAM has received a new and amazing supporter. Ms. Ladis M. Morgan, 86, who lives just a few blocks away from Dr. Winn and who has lived in the city for over 46 years, has been a tremendous blessing to the organization and children of the community.