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Educate Me Foundation Working to Grow the Number of Teachers for Students across the Country


The axiom, “Those who cannot do, teach,” missed the point, as far as Blake Nathan is concerned.
In fact, Nathan created the Educate Me Foundation on a wholly opposite premise: To mentor and encourage African-American students, high school and college, to pursue careers in education, especially as teachers—and to help existing black teachers find new opportunities.
All with one goal, Nathan said: “To increase the number of African-American teachers in classrooms where they would have a cultural connection. That dynamic makes a huge difference for black students.”
Nathan, 27, speaks from his own experience. Growing up outside of Atlanta, he said he had just three black teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade. An engineering major at historically black Tennessee State University, he said he had just five African-American professors.
Then, as a middle school teacher of engineering and technology, in Indianapolis, Nathan said he was the only black male teacher in his district.
“There are hundreds of thousands of (black) students who have the same story as me,” he told Urban News Service. “Having taught black students, I know how important it is for them to have someone who has been where they are, someone who can relate to them on a personal level and have that cultural competency with them. (To continue reading, please visit www.wssnews.com)

What It Do With the LUE: PRADA a.k.a. DUB DOLLA

By Lue Dowdy

Rapper PRADA a.k.a. DUB DOLLA is what it Do. Making major moves, this tall, handsome, and talented recording artist is truly one to be on the lookout for.

Signed to “GF Cash Records,” his mixtape titled “H.H.M.$. Have Heat and Make Money,” is now available. His song “ALL WE KNOW” featuring Peanut dropped last week and is getting great reviews from the fans.

Make sure to support Prada’s mixtape release party, happening on February 8 at Castaways Restaurant in San Bernardino. Details located on flyer. Until next week L’z! 

Alliance Fosters Social Entrepreneurship while Enriching and Improving Lives

Gina Paige 15 Touched

Gina Paige

(Black PR Wire) WASHINGTON, DC (JANUARY, 30 2017) – African Ancestry, Inc. announces its partnership with MahoganyBooks, an award-winning online bookstore that specializes in books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora. The partnership underscores the power of Black businesses with aligned missions uniting to deliver products and services that educate, uplift and empower Black communities across the world.

Central to the alliance is AfricanAncestry.com/Partners/Mahogany-Books where consumers from both companies will have expanded resources from everything such as their African countries origin to educating Black kids in America about their culture and heritage. The AfricanAncestry.com Get Rooted Book List will debut to provide select titles that help people better understand who they are in the context of Africa, culture and consciousness.

“When this partnership was proposed, I knew instantly that this is something that African Ancestry should and would do,” said Gina Paige, co-founder and president of AfricanAncestry.com. “We both share a collective responsibility to educate and uplift Black people, and this alliance extends and strengthens the impact of that commitment.”

Created by husband and wife duo, MahoganyBooks uses literature to enlighten and inform by promoting reading, writing and cultural awareness. “Our relationship with AfricanAncestry.com is social entrepreneurship at its best,” said Derrick A. Young, co-founder and president of MahoganyBooks. “We’re two small businesses that have joined forces to address issues around identity and cultural awareness for people of color and to improve our communities.”

Consumers can visit AfricanAncestry.com/Partners/Mahogany-Books today to learn more about the partnership and begin experiencing the benefits. Media can contact Greer Johnson at gajohnson@taylorcommunicationsgroup.com.


Founded in 2003, African Ancestry Inc. (AfricanAncestry.com) pioneered African lineage matching in the United States utilizing its proprietary DNA-database to more accurately assess present-day countries of origin for people of African descent. African Ancestry’s products include the MatriClanand PatriClanancestry tests, myDNAmix Admixture tests; and customized memorabilia and informative resources. African Ancestry is African-American-owned and headquartered in Washington, DC. For general media inquiries, contact Nichole Taylor at taylor@taylorcommunicationsgroup.com.


Started in 2007 by an enterprising husband and wife duo, MahoganyBooks is an award-winning online bookstore that specializes in the sale of books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora. At its core, MahoganyBooks is a company that firmly believes in improving its community through social entrepreneurship by providing access and awareness to culturally relevant books to empower its community socially, politically, and economically. For general media inquiries, contact Derrick Young at derrick@mahoganybooks.com.