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Innovative New ‘Gotcha’ GPS Tracking Device Helps Parents Locate Lost Kids

Find My Everything Inc. is excited to announce today the release of its practical and exceptionally functional tracking apparatus that will enable users to locate misplaced or stolen personal items no matter where they are. Company founder and CEO, Taylor Baloney is the smart young inventor of ‘Gotcha’ GPS Tracking Device. Using a downloaded smartphone application, the device will help track and find anything, including purses, backpacks, luggage, and even kids. Available in variety of styles, designs, and colors to appeal to consumers of all ages, the tracking device will be about the size of a keychain, which can be attached to handbags, wallets, pets, and other essential items with a small clip.

The tracking device will be linked to an app on a smartphone or tablet to aid when needing to locate misplaced or stolen items. Consumers will be able to locate items using the GPS map on their screens. The app will also activate a beeping sound from the tracking device, so the closer the user is to the missing item, the louder the sound. Users can input multiple trackers onto the app, and each one will have a different little picture or name on the GPS map. The locator service—which functions anywhere in the U.S. that has cellular coverage – will run on the cloud, and data transmitted from the tracking device to the user’s smartphone or tablet.

As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, the invention has unique features not presently available in the marketplace.

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Today’s society is always seeking new ways to make our lives more convenient and less stressful. Baloney agrees, which is precisely why she developed this product. “I have a passionate sense of pride about this concept,” said inventor Taylor Baloney. “I believe that it deserves vigilant attention and consideration. A great many markets exist for such an innovative concept like ‘Find My Everything’ GPS Tracking Device as consumers everywhere will appreciate the benefits and convenience this product provides. General supply stores like Wal-Mart and Target; retail pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens; and specialized stores like Best Buy and Office Depot would be logical retailers for both products.”



Google Security and Privacy Product Manager, Michee Smith, tested the Gotcha GPS Tracking Device by having her kindergartner wear the watch tracker during the day for a week. “I found the device is extremely accurate! On my mobile app, I was able to view everywhere she went,” Smith said. “And my daughter had the ability to send an emergency call to me and a message.” The computer engineer continued, “The app has a cool feature that allows the user to replay the location over a couple of days. I also like that the device has a step counter, so it incorporates a bit of health awareness as well. The watch is well designed for kids in that it doesn’t have games, so my child didn’t get distracted while at school. All in all, I think it’s a great product, especially for a mom like me that wants the peace to know my children are safe and in the place where they’re supposed to be.”

Find My Everything Inc. is committed to becoming one of the world’s premier technologies (solutions) to locate certain items, which seem to frequently disappear. The Company specializes in locating items that tend to disappear frequently. “This viable solution will provide the utmost quality, value, and effectiveness in achieving the optimal performance and desired results,” Baloney commented. “As revered business professionals and community advocates, we are focused on achieving our goal by taking actions in the present that will create a sustainable and bright future.”

About Find My Everything Inc.
Founded in 2016 by CEO, Taylor Baloney, Find My Everything Inc. is a company she launched to create and develop her product—the ‘Gotcha’ GPS Tracking Device. Baloney conceived the idea to develop the product after having lost and recovered her iPhone using Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ app. The inventor teamed up for the development of this project with Idea Design Studio, and together they used their collaborative experience to transform this idea into a marketable platform.

Combining new school technology with old school customer service, “Find My Everything Inc.” is dedicated to ensuring that its products are designed with innovative and creative technology, while delivering excellent service to its consumers. (www.FindMyEverything.org)

Tribe of Judah Brings Hope to Haiti

Gloria, Olivia, Janine, Joan, Tammie, Beth, Tamera, Charmaine, Audrey, Eleanor, Below: Dr. Theresa, Dorcas, Andrea, Pauline, Donna, Dorla, Suezanne and Lea’ann

Gloria, Olivia, Janine, Joan, Tammie, Beth, Tamera, Charmaine, Audrey, Eleanor, Below: Dr. Theresa, Dorcas, Andrea, Pauline, Donna, Dorla, Suezanne and Lea’ann

Devastation, disaster, agony — words that still speak volumes in the hearts of lives of those affected by the 2010 earthquake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  At least 300,000 people were injured and over 316,000 were killed.  This earthquake left many children as orphans in the surrounding cities. Although there have been many programs created by generous organizations throughout the years, Haiti still needs help.  A youth outreach program called Tribe of Judah World Outreach has decided to help Haiti on a continual basis. After 13 years of serving in ministry, working with youth and families across the United States, their focus is on the orphans left to fend for themselves on the streets of Haiti.  They have partnered with Dr. Michelle Corral and her ministry Breath of the Spirit and have also started Chesed for Jesus, Youth World Missionary Team.  An orphanage was purchased in the beginning of 2013 in Gonaives, Haiti and named The Fathers Treasure Orphan Home, where 100 children now live and are cared for daily.  Along with the orphan’s home, Chesed for Jesus runs medical clinics, feeding programs, educational instruction, provides spiritual care for the children in Haiti, and gives school supplies, school uniforms, and room and board.  Their main goal is to share the love of Jesus in practical ways by giving specific and direct support to those who are in need.
The team stayed in the County from December 5th to 10, where they interacted daily with the children; making arts and crafts, playing educational games, teaching English, singing worship songs in their native language of French and Creole as well as English.  The team taught the children a stomp routine which they wanted to do every minute.  Daily feeding for the children was done, along with a toy give away.  School uniforms given to every child, along with a medical clinic for the children and all the people in the village.
If you are interested in contributing to the cause, please visit www.sosyouthandfamily.com, or mail in a payment to Tribe of Judah, P.O. Box 2223, San Bernardino, CA 92406. All donations go directly to the children for their day to day care.  As a 501 c3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

WHO SHOT TYRONE JONES? Police Offer $10,000 Reward!!

Tyrone Jones helped establish the Westside Nubians in 2007 to help stop the violence in his San Bernardino West Side community. The Nubians patrolled the streets, gave block parties and held community meetings with the goal of helping to keep the peace among the area’s youth. About six weeks ago, on October 14, Jones was shot while sitting in the carport of his home.  According to the police report, the killer leaned over and looked into Tyrone’s face before shooting him in the back of the head.  He is described as about 5 feet 8 inches tall, stocky, approximately 200 pounds and was seen wearing a black t-shirt and camouflage shorts. Tyrone stood up for his community. It is now time for someone to stand up for Tyrone!
If you have or think you have any information that can help capture Tyrone Jones’ killer, contact Sgt. Gary Robertson at the San Bernardino Police department.