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Publisher’s commentary, by Wallace J. Allen

Citizens of the city of San Bernardino will elect a new city government on Tuesday, November 5th. The city has not handled its financial stewardship responsibly and is in bankruptcy.

San Bernardino is a gateway city to Southern California. It is beautifully located as the world class panoramic view from all points in the city will attest to. There is a world class airport waiting to be properly utilized, world class schools and hospitals are close enough to be claimed and used by Berdoo-ans.

There is a downtown hotel and convention center attached to a mall that is waiting to be reclaimed to the benefit of the city. There are businesses that are anxious to move into a low cost atmosphere where city policies and procedures make it simple to set up and operate. With a beautiful freeway system, hot water springs and a railroad inter-modal system, San Bernardino is a jewel in need of polishing.

Which candidates should/will be elected? There are some who are equipped to do a better job than others; however, I do not think that the election winners will make that much difference if we the public don’t change our ways. We need to become informed and more active as to how our local governments are run.

I invite you to join in a pledge to embrace whomever the people are that become the newly elected Council members, City Attorney and Mayor of San Bernardino. Pledge to embrace them and support the quest for excellent government by providing solid civic oversight.

We need to encourage our newly elected to seek expert advice and guidance. We need to know what we want them to do. We need to push them in the right direction, regardless of who is seated. Regardless of who is seated, we will need to stand up!!