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Journalist and Photographer, John Coleman, Will Be Awarded by Riverside NAACP for Community Efforts

John Coleman

John Coleman

RIVERSIDE, CA- The Riverside Branch of the NAACP will be honoring community photographer and journalist, John Coleman, at its ‘Freedom Fund’ celebration which will be held on Wednesday, May 14 at the Riverside Convention Center, 3637 Fifth Street in Riverside. The Theme for this year’s event is “Forward: The Movement That Changed the World”. Mr. Coleman (MSSW, LCSW) is a retired military veteran who served in Korea. He was also employed with the California Department of Mental Hygiene from 1958 to 1968 where he provided ‘in-patient’ services at Patton State Hospital.

From 1968 to 1992, Coleman was recruited to the University of California Riverside where he served as Campus Ombudsman, University Admissions Officer, Placement Officer, Medical Social Worker and Counseling Psychologist. Also during this period of time, the military veteran taught part-time at San Bernardino Valley College in the Community Services Certificate Program, and he briefly served as a Medical Social Worker at the Loma Linda Veterans Hospital.

Mr. Coleman’s has a resume of tremendous community service where he sits on several Boards of Directors, which includes Redlands Humans Relations Council (President); Inland Area Urban League; Arrowhead United Way; National Association of Social Workers; American Cancer Society; and a countless of others. He was appointed and reappointed by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to represent the public on the Development Disabilities Area Board, XII (Area 12).

Currently, Coleman continues years of community service as the ‘community member’ on the Institutional Review Board, (IRB) , California State University, San Bernardino,  the organization responsible for protecting the rights & interests of human subjects of University research. Prior to his retirement, he was recognized as the ‘historic’ value of photography in his current role as a ‘community photographer’. He attempts to identify and photograph certain individuals, organizations and events upon submitting them for dissemination to local Black Press and Media outlets. (Rewritten and edited by Naomi K. Bonman)

Remembering California Pioneer, Celes King IV

Celes King IV

Celes King IV

On Saturday, March 15th, 2014, well known community leader, political and civil rights activist, Celes King IV, passed away by heart failure in San Diego.  He was surrounded by family and close friends.

Celes King IV was born in Los Angeles on October 19th, 1943, the first born of legendary Civil Rights leader and Bail Bondsman to the stars, General Celes King III, and Anita Lugo King, internationally respected, delegate to the UN World Conference on the Rights of Women.   As a youth he drove for his father and mother and in this capacity with his sister Teri he was able to participate in their parents hosting of prominent figures from around the world.  After attending Antioch College, Celes IV left the family business, set out on his own and managed several businesses throughout the country before returning to participate in the multi generational family business built around the Celes King Bail Bond companies.  After his return to the fold, the family suffered the loss of both parents and Celes IV then joined with his sister Teri who managed administration of the Bail Bond business internally with Celes IV handling the expediting of external affairs.

It was in this phase that Celes developed into a very effective lobbyist in the course of advocating for several organizations throughout the state including most notably the Congress of Racial Equality of California which had been founded by his father General Celes King, a veteran of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen.  Celes IV quickly became a popular and effective operative in the halls of government in both Los Angeles and Sacramento.  He was significantly able to work on both sides of the aisle, relentlessly advocating on behalf of the underserved communities.  Fellow directors of the CORE-CA Board and family recalled Celes frequently saying that his role in Sacramento was to “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

With characteristic determination Celes founded the Family Foundation named after his parents Anita Lugo King and Celes King III.  He was also President and CEO of the King Central Self Development Foundation, The Phoenix Alliance and served on several Boards including the California Black Chamber of Commerce,  Advisory Board of Pacific Oaks College, and the Lillian Mobley Black Health and Education Task Force.

Celes was appointed by, CORE-CA and Kingdom Day Parade Chairman Adrian Dove, to proudly serve as CORE-CA Vice Chairman for Legislative Liaison, Education Policy and the Legal Defense Committees, where despite increasing health challenges he worked relentlessly and effectively on behalf of the community. throughout the state.

It was his close to the family collaborator Dove, who observed that, “Celes IV, the oldest son of a great man was driven to succeed far beyond any ordinary standards in order to righteously fill his father’s shoes by carrying forth the family legacy and taking it even to an extra step forward in every project he undertook.  We are thrilled to now to have witnessed Celes having succeeded”.  His ultimate focus has always been community and family.  His parents’ family motto, “Success is one step behind where you stop.”

Celes King IV, or “Uncle Mike” as children of the family and close friends sometimes refer to him, leaves behind his brother, Tobi, sister Teri, Significant Other Diane Merrifield, First Wife and lifetime friend Ilene, as well as his six children, and six grandchildren.

Services for Celes King, IV will be held March 29th. 11:00 a.m at Angeles Mesa Presbyterian Church, 3751 West 54th Street, Los Angeles 90043.


Preceded in transition by his; Father Celes King III, Mother Anita Lugo King, and Sister Toni King.

Succeeded by: Sister Teri King; Brother Toby King & Wife Terrie; Significant Other: Diane Merrifield, First Wife, lifetime friend and mother of his children; Children: Darcie, Derek, Dana, Danny, Leontyne; Three Nieces and Nephews: Tyia, Tyie, Tyona; Eight Grandchildren; Eight Grand Nieces and Nephews; and a host of friends.

A Hip Hop State of Mind

State of Mind Are Strippers, Drugs, and Money keeping Hip Hop alive? Or, does Hip Hop continue to survive due to its ability to inspire, motivate, and passionately serve as a voice for its fans worldwide? Has Hip Hop been over commercialized? Has its message been lost in all the money it generates? Are there smaller genres of Hip Hop that still embody the true nature of the musical movement? Is Hip Hop truly an expression of freedom of speech for a generation? From NWA and censorship to Common and Fox News, for a number of decades Hip Hop has taken on more than its fair share of criticism. Yet, after 40 years since its creation, a plethora of questions still remain.

In order to answer some of the most complex questions about Hip Hop, Dr. Niama T. Malachi orchestrated a dynamic study that would take her from the streets of Bronx, NY, where Hip Hop originated, to Hip Hop in its current most active form. She submerged herself in the Hip Hop culture by meeting with artists, video models, executives, pioneers, and members of the culture. She attended numerous video shoots, concerts, parties, cultural events, tours, and lectures; even once bravely taking on the role of a video model herself! During the study, Dr. Malachi ingeniously employed social psychological theory to evaluate the state of Hip Hop and its impact on the Black Community.

The OFFICIAL release date for “A Hip Hop State of Mind” is May 6th, 2014 and will be available on Amazon, Kindle and at Barnes & Nobles.  The launching of the book includes special invite release parties that will include panel discussions.

In the fall of 2014, Dr. Malachi begins her book tour and is presently accepting tour dates for locations to include New York, Atlanta and California with various Universities, bookstores and organizations. The tour will also include speaking engagements as well as opportunities for panel discussions at conferences and seminars. To schedule Dr. Malachi for book signings or speaking engagements, please contact KimiRhochelle of KRPR Media at krprmediadrmalachi@gmail.com.

Dr. Niama Malachi

Dr. Niama Malachi

About Dr. Niama T. Malachi

Dr. Niama T. Malachi hails from humble beginnings. With insurmountable determination and drive, she has forged through many obstacles. She recently attained a Doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In addition, she holds the position of Director of Performance Improvement, under the umbrella of a Fortune 500 company; she is also one of the youngest Directors in the organization. Dr. Malachi’s advocacy and activism is focused towards mental health services for underserved populations and the use of Hip Hop as a catalyst for social change. Her pioneering research initiatives involve Hip Hop and its impact on the black community, with over five years of concentrated experience on this topic. Dr. Malachi is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., where she served as the co-chair of the Pomona Valley Alumnae Chapter’s Social Action Committee. In this capacity, she also co-chaired the award winning State of Black Male/Female Relationships Conference. Dr. Niama T. Malachi is driven to provide mental health services for underserved populations. She continues to relentlessly construct ingenious methods in her approach.

Dr. Malachi will use social media as a communication forum for her readers and those that have questions.  Readers will be able post various scenarios and ask personal questions that will be answered.  In addition, Dr. Malachi will have various online discussions about “A Hip Hop State of Mind”. 

For more information on Dr. Niama T. Malachi, please visit www.drniamamalachi.com