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“Don’t Hate The Messenger!”

Lou Coleman

Lou Coleman

By Lou Coleman

Listen, there are times in life when we “need” to be warned that we are in a dangerous situation and that we “need” to listen up or face some pretty devastating consequences. God calls each of us to become messengers of His love and truth to each other and to our world. I am just a voice; a mouthpiece for God… Don’t Hate the Messenger! Understand that because our needs are great and varied God has to send messages of encouragement, correction, and direction fitted to us and to our needs through a messenger. Instead of being hateful or take offense we should be grateful and thankful that God loves us so much that He will send a messenger with a message for our mess instead of wrath. You know, God told Ezekiel to tell the people of Judah, “Jerusalem will be destroyed, and you’re staying in Babylon till it happens.” The Israelites had made a mess of their relationship with God. Whether they cared about spiritual matters or not- a close connection with God was the only way for them to avoid an eternity in Hell. So God told Ezekiel, “You go tell them what I said.” Some of us are chosen by God to be a spokesperson for His purposes. We are called to proclaim His Word to His people, to lead them to Christ, to mature them or direct them into God’s Will for their lives. This is not new; He has been using man to declare His message since creation. But today the responsibility is up to us… I choose to be used by God! Just as Jesus was God’s mouthpiece and Moses was Jesus mouthpiece we all have been called to be the mouthpiece of God in the world in which we live. Don’t Hate the Messenger! It may not have looked like the lives of the people of Judah in Babylon were a mess but their relationship with God was a mess. It needed repair or they would have been messed up forever. The thing for us to realize is that in this world we have messages from God and if we have disrespect for anything that has the Mind of Christ in it we do it to the peril of our own souls and the souls of those who we love. I tell you one of the greatest joys of being called to be one of God’s messengers is that I don’t have to worry about what to say; I don’t have to make things up; I don’t have to guess at what people need to hear.  All people need to hear the same thing.  All people need to hear about the mess their lives are without God and all people need to hear the message of the Savior’s life and death so that they won’t ever be without Him.” Don’t Hate the Messenger!

You know, the Apostle Paul was God’s chosen mouthpiece for Divine Revelation concerning the Truth of Christ and the Church. But many of the people at Corinth had said, “You are not an Apostle. You are not from God.” So the Apostle Paul warned them about speaking so about the servants of God. And in the Old Testament times God said to the people of Israel, “Touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm. They were God’s mouthpiece. There is a warning here because the Lord defends His servant as His mouthpiece, His witnesses. He always does! In the Book of Numbers, chapter 15, God struck Miriam with leprosy and Aaron with judgment because they spoke against Moses. Not that Moses in himself as a human being was any better than anybody else. The main thing is Moses was God’s mouthpiece. To have disrespect for God’s servant was to have disrespect for God’s message and for the God whom he represented.  The same thing operates today. We know people who have no respect for true servants of God. Well they had better read this chapter and read it very carefully because they are God- called people in the world today who are speaking God messages and they must be heard. The messenger doesn’t matter but the message is everything and the Giver of the message who is God. Careful! You Are Threading on Dangerous Grounds! We may resist people coming in and condemning us in an area that falls short of God’s standard – but does that say more about us than anything. I’m just saying….Don’t Hate the Messenger!

To those who have chosen to allow the Lord to use you as His mouthpiece, as God warned the prophet Ezekiel in regards to his vocation as messenger and mouthpiece of God. God says, There are no variables when it comes to being His faithful messenger.” Speak the words that God gives. He gives them for a reason and they need to be heard. You may say people may not like you. They may not like what they hear and then they’ll take it out on you.” Don’t worry God replies, “Look if they persist in their sin they will die. They will suffer the eternal death of Hell. I don’t want that to happen which is why I send you to speak My Word to them.  It doesn’t have to end this way.” So as a messenger of God speak the words given. God’s says, “If you don’t tell them what He gives you to say: if you choose to try and play nice and have everybody live under some false pretense of peace they will still suffer the eternal death of Hell only now you will be held accountable for it. But if you are faithful and you do the job God gives you and they reject you thereby rejecting Him also they will die and it will be their own fault. You didn’t send them to Hell. They chose to send themselves to Hell.” Are we clear? You see God’s truth is not dependent on human response. God would not judge Ezekiel for how well others responded to his message but for how faithful he was in presenting it {Ezekiel 3:17}. Listen, it  is your duty as a messenger of God to carry the message whether it is welcomed or not; the consequences of receiving or rejecting the message lie solidly in the hands of those who hear it. The Bible shows us that Ezekiel got it, understood it, as did the faithful men of God who came before and after him. They were hated for it by their fellow man but they were faithful to God and their calling. If you disagree then that’s on you. I’ve done my job. I’m at peace. May God grant you this same peace that surpasses all understanding; a peace that is known and recognized only in the offense of God’s all-redeeming cross.  Now for those of you who may be wondering- did someone say something about her? Well, if they did, it is unbeknown to me. Besides, that ain’t my business, that’s God’s business.  What I want us to understand is that when someone is in covenant with God we have to speak well of them because the hand of God is on their life. Mess around and curse them if you want, they don’t have to raise one finger, God fights for them. You better know that you know… Besides how the Lord’s people ever came to expect one to declare the riches of God’s Word without offending wrong-doers is beyond me. It cannot be done. “Offenders will take offense.” Remember that!Don’t Hate the Messenger!”




Former and Incarnated Drug Kingpin, Rudy Williams, Shares Story of Redemption for Youth

Rudy Williams

Rudy Williams

By Naomi Bonman

When we hear of our young Black men and teenagers deterring in the wrong direction, we give them the wrong response by turning our heads and ignoring them. They need solid advice and a positive, but raw message from someone, preferably another Black male, who has been where they have been and has or is experiencing the consequence. This will showcase as an eye opener and wake up call for many.

In lieu of making this happen is through a media platform entitled, Gangster Chronicles. Gangster Chronicles is geared towards giving current and ex-convicts the ability to share their stories, put an end to mythologies by unveiling hidden stories and reach the youth through literature.  The roster consists of men who were leaders of well-known gangs, such as the Vicelords and Black Mafia, and even a man who inspired a character on the popular HBO series “The Wire.”

The first of three young men that I want to introduce is Rudy Williams. Williams was a notorious gangster from Baltimore who is currently serving 130 years plus life in prison for operating one of the most violent drug rings in the city’s history. During his 20 years of incarceration, Rudy has devoted all of his time to reading, writing and teaching youth that crime is a genocidal trap and not the answer.

Below are a few questions and answers from an interview conducted via email.

What was your life like before you got locked up?

My life was a bubble and a constant target of angry cops, judges and prosecutors. Having achieved the drug dealer’s twisted version of “The American Dream”, a false reality in itself from the git-go, I foolishly believed that I had insulated myself within my own tiny world of glitter, privilege and pleasure.  I had to always be on my P’s and Q’s and never got caught slipping.  One crucial mistake and it’s all over with, in either the penitentiary or the graveyard.   So make the right choice,  now! 

I went to so many funerals that upon being introduced to someone I would look into his eyes and wonder if he would be the person who would kill me or vice versa; however, because I loved my mother, my wife and children so dearly, I always kept them in mind and conducted myself in a manner that all but eliminated the possibility of them having to bury me and come to my funeral, especially for some stupid s–t, like making unnecessary enemies.  

I was extremely courteous and I always had to be at least one step ahead of others.  Most of the time one step was enough, but not always.  I was smart but not smart enough to quit while I was ahead.   Thus, one day in the blink of an eye it all came tumbling down on me and the end result was a sentence of Life plus 130 years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Prior to 1995, Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary averaged 16 murders a year. Half of them occurred on B-Block.  If the Bureau sent you to Lewisburg, the Feds wanted you dead.   If you was put in B-Block, they had a priority on it.  I was assigned to B-Block for 2 years.   My life is not one you should want to live. DON’T SELL DRUGS.

What led you to a life of crime?

I was lured into crime by poverty, boredom and adventure.  I stole the things that I couldn’t afford; because school was boring, I played “hooky” and got sent away at age 13 to a juvenile facility that was actually a crime school.  When I got out, I was a “real” criminal.  Besides not going to school and shoplifting, I stole cars and did burglaries.  I thought I was cool; I wasn’t cool.  I was stupid.


What have you learned about yourself since you’ve been in prison?

In spite of racial discrimination, if I had given myself a chance, with the right guidance I could had accomplished more legally than I did illegally.

The Universe is a perfect sphere because every point on it is the center.  No point is more important than others, and since every point is equal, no matter where you are, you’re always in the center of the Universe and the Here and Now is always the most important Time and Place.

The happiest people are not those who have the most, but those who make the most out of what they have.  The worst disease is misery;  the best medicine, happiness because the life of this world is short and will be over before you know it, enjoy the Here and Now while you can.   Don’t let anything stop you from being happy. I have never seen a sick happy person.  Have you?

What advice do you have for young boys and men who get trapped in the drug or gang war, and think it’s their only way out?

The Federal Government took over the so-call drug game long ago.   They control it completely.  They will let you make alotta money and then bust you so that they will look good on t.v. and in the newspapers to get promotions.  By releasing  snitchers back to the streets, they keep “the game” alive.  Nine out of 10 persons dealing drugs are working for the cops.  They have a government license to do what they do.  When they get caught, they get a DO NOT GO TO JAIL PASS.  The drug game is just a death trap to fill up the prisons and graveyards with poor people, especially  Blacks and non-white Hispanics.

You don’t have to sell drugs to achieve your goals or to get the things that you want out of life.  Money can’t buy happiness.  If you don’t enrich your mind first with knowledge, money will become your worst enemy and your worst nightmare.  You’ll be the constant target of larceny, jealousy, envy, flatters, con artists, and gold diggers; and of course cops, bandits and killers. No matter how smart you are, you will get caught and do big time unless you become a rat and snitch on your family and friends for a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASS.

The Feds will not let you beat it continuously and make it look foolish and incompetent. It will lie and cheat to put you in prison for a LONG, LONG, TIME, or you will be murdered, probably by a friend; however, if you truly believe in yourself, and give yourself a chance and work long and hard at something you enjoy, you can do anything you put your mind to.

I can name a billionaire rapper and 10 more who are close to it, but not a single billionaire drug dealer outside of Mexico or Columbia, so think about that the next time before you go make a drug deal.

What It Do With the LUE: My Music, My Mic Indie Award Show


What up my beautiful folks! This week nominations are WHAT IT DO! Inland Empire artist’s stand up, this is for you! LUE Productions presents, “MY MUSIC, MY MIC”, an Indie Artist Award Show! The show will be taking place on Saturday, June 6.

Are you a talented artist or know of a talented artist in the IE? If so, then nominate them for an award! Information and  Nomination form is located on the LUE Productions Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Lueproductions, or vote from your mobile device at www.jotform.us/form/43547972384164.

The nomination deadline is Sunday, March 15 and the announcement of nominees will be on Sunday, April 15. There are also plenty of opportunities to be a sponsor (affordable sponsorship packages available), a vendor, or a volunteer. For more information on volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, please leave voicemail message at (909) 567-1000, or send a text to (909) 495-0848, (909) 496-2151, (714) 833-3196, or (909) 556-7637.

The nomination categories include: R&B Best Mix Tape, R&B  Best Album, R&B  Best Song, R&B Best Male Performer, R&B Best Female Performer, R&B Best Group, R&B  Best Video, Rap/Hip-Hop Best Mix Tape, Rap/Hip-Hop Best Album, Rap/Hip-Hop Best Song, Rap/Hip-Hop Best Male Performer, Rap/Hip-Hop Best Female Performer, Rap/Hip-Hop Best Group, and Rap/Hip-Hop Best Video.

Other Categories are: Hottest Music Producer, Hottest Song Collaboration, Hottest Female Video/Model, Hottest Battle Rapper, Hottest Gospel Rapper, Hottest Dance Crew, Hottest DJ, Hottest Urban Designer, Hottest Internet Radio Show, Hottest Indie Artist Publication, Hottest Graffiti Artist, and Hottest Video Production.