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What It Do With the LUE: Bringing Awareness to Violence


By Lue Dowdy

Bringing awareness about violence through music is WHAT IT DO! Violence is everywhere. You see it when you turn on the television and when you walk or drive through certain neighborhoods. So why does it have to be in the schools? School should be one of the safest places for our youth. They should be worried about graduating or who they should ask out to prom. Our youth should not have to worry about SAFETY while learning.

Shout out to R&B artist, Yung Muusik, for having a heart to help our youth by putting on a concert in the City of Adelanto. The focus is to bring people together and this is an all age event. feel free to bring out your family for a day of fun and MUSIC. Edwin Johnson of Chord Youth Enrichment Program will be the guest speaker of the evening. The concert will feature performances by local artist such as: Gaim Ov3r, Yung Muusik, Jada J., Princess Anyia, and more.

There will be activities and free giveaways for families. The concert will take place on Saturday, November 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the City of the Lord Baptist Church located at 17911 Permain Street in Adelanto. Let’s do our best to spread love and not hate.

Until next week L’z!

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