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What It Do with the LUE: Deeveatva Foy a.k.a. Zada

Deeveatva Foy

Deeveatva Foy

By Lue Dowdy

Belly Dance Instructor, Deeveatva Foy a.k.a. Zada is What It Do! 

The art of belly dance is a very sensual and seductive dance style. It has a way of memorizing people, especially with the sounds of the coin belt which is typically worn by belly dancers. It helps improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and range of motion while achieving better posture and a new sense of confidence and self-expression.

My girl Deeveatva Foy is a professional belly dance instructor that has been teaching over six years. She currently teaches a class at Infuse Dance Studio located in the city of Riverside off of University Street. I’ve been participating in her class for about two years now and I absolutely love it. It helps me to stay fit while getting my sexy back. She teaches the class two different choreographed pieces once a month. Deeveatva has a unique style and a way with people. She takes her time with you and allow you to feel comfortable and go at your own pace. 

Ladies if you’re looking for something different, I recommend this class. We meet every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Help me wish Deeveatva Foy a happy birthday. For information please see flyer or contact Zada via face book. It’s okay to get yo’ shimmy on. 

Until next week L’s!

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