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Riverside Line Pedley Station to Change Name to Jurupa Valley/Pedley Station

RIVERSIDE, CA- Effective October 3, Metrolink’s Pedley station on the Riverside Line will be renamed to the Jurupa Valley/Pedley station.          

The station’s name is being updated to reflect the city’s incorporation as Jurupa Valley.

When the Pedley station was created in 1993, it was located in an unincorporated area of Riverside County. In 2011, this 44-square mile region was incorporated as the City of Jurupa Valley, which encompasses the Metrolink Pedley station.

Due to the renaming of the station, ticket vending machines will require passengers to select “J” for Jurupa Valley/Pedley instead of “P” for fare media to and from the station formerly known as Pedley. 

Pedley station information seen in the Metrolink timetable, station signage, online, and other sources will be listed as Jurupa Valley/Pedley information as of October 3.

Now Accepting Enrollment for After-School Youth Program

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- United Nations of Consciousness is now accepting enrollment in their Youth Afterschool Enrichment Program. Program begins in October 2016. Pre-Register by visiting www.uncyouth.org

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to San Bernardino City Unified School District students. They are currently accepting children ages 8 to18 years old.

Stay up to date by subscribing to UNC’s text messages by texting UNCYOUTH to 31996. (Standard messaging rates apply, see carrier for details.) 

Push the Broom, Cut the Water

Water is essential to our everyday lives so it’s important to conserve our water supplies. Cutting water use outside is really important. If each of us changed our water-use habits even a little, we could save billions of gallons of water. Here’s a few ways you can help:

  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks and save up to 150 gallons each time.
  • Check and repair promptly your sprinkler system for leaks, oversprays and broken sprinkler heads to save up to 500 gallons per month.
  • Water your plants in the evening or early in the morning to reduce evaporation and to save up to 25 gallons each time.
  • Install a smart sprinkler controller that adjusts watering based on weather, soil type, amount of shade and plant type to save up to 40 gallons per day.

Be a team player. Follow your local water agency’s suggested watering days to save up to 840 gallons per week.

Metropolitan Water District’s conservation website, bewaterwise.com, offers additional tips on how to reduce indoor and outdoor water use. Love Water. Save Water.