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‘A Bug’s Light’ Teaches Electrical Safety to Students Across Southern California

Photo Caption: From Left to Right: Michael Van Schoick, The National Theatre for Children; Beverly Powell, Region Manager-Public Affairs-Southern California Edison; and Wendi West, The National Theatre for Children, take a photo after the production of 'A Bug's Light' at Rio Vista Elementary School in San Bernardino.

Photo Caption: From Left to Right: Michael Van Schoick, The National Theatre for Children; Beverly Powell, Region Manager-Public Affairs-Southern California Edison; and Wendi West, The National Theatre for Children, take a photo after the production of ‘A Bug’s Light’ at Rio Vista Elementary School in San Bernardino.

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- Last week, a superhero insect toured 10 under-served elementary schools across Southern California Edison’s (SCE) service area to teach students about electrical safety through a live theatre production of ‘A Bug’s Light.’ Among those elementary schools, Rio Vista Elementary School in San Bernardino was one of the schools where students received the treat of watching the production.
The production was produced by The National Theatre for Children (NTC), a production company that engages students in learning what they and their families can do to stay safe around electricity. Approximately 5,400 students seen the production during the week of September 16 to 20, as part of National Preparedness Month.
Edison International, parent company of SCE, donated $25,000 to NTC to produce the play to educate children in schools in Southern California, which included Compton, Alhambra, Santa Ana, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino and Oxnard.
“Safety is our number one priority and we want children, as well as adults, to know how to safe around electricity,” said Janet Clayton, senior vice president, Corporate Communications for Edison International and Southern California Edison. “When we saw how well students and teachers reacted to ‘A Bug’s Light!” last year, we were excited to bring it back again to continue educating children about electrical safety in a way that makes learning fun.”
For more information about SCE, follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/SCE and Facebook, www.Facebook.com/SCE. (Photo by Naomi Bonman).


Sunrise by

Photo of Sunrise taken in Loreto, BCS Mexico

This week I am highlighting Freddie Washington, photographer extraordinaire. Some may not realize that photography is an art and hard work.  I can’t stand it when I see a photo of myself and I look a hot mess because the photographer didn’t care or fully understand that photography is more than just pointing and clicking a camera.
Currently working with Nikon Pro staff, I first met Mr. Washington at an event in the Inland Empire where he was taking photos of artists performing. I noticed how professional and serious he was about his craft, due to the sweat pouring down his face and the expensive equipment used. Once finished, I approached Mr. Washington and asked if he could do some work for our production company, LUE Productions. I was so impressed with the finished product that I knew at that moment he had to be a part of our LUE Productions team. Mr. Washington is now our full-time photographer. Some of his photos have already appeared in the Westside Story Newspaper. When I go out on location on behalf of the paper, Mr. Washington is with me.
Photography is the result of combining several technical discoveries. His ability to choose a subject and compose it effectively is amazing. He’s worked with several models, venues and organizations throughout the Inland Empire and surrounding cities. When you’re in need of a professional photographer for your next photo shoot or special event, please contact FWPhotography at 714-833-3196 or email fw4photo@yahoo.com .You can also look his work up on Facebook under FWPhotography. He provides Quality work at affordable rates. Mention this article and receive a discount. Remember photographs can say a thousand words. Until next week! (By Lue Dowdy) Photo of Sunrise taken in Loreto, BCS Mexico

CSUSB African American Students on the Rise


Retreat 2013

Retreat 2013

SAN BERNARDINO, CA- On Saturday, September 7, the California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) and Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS) chapters convened their second annual retreat for incoming and continuing students. SAAS and SAAB are a part of national organizations which offer an evidenced based model for student retention and success. This year the retreat opened with Chief Jimmie Brown and remarks from Dr. Mildred Henry, Professor Emeritus, who shared her story, facts about African American History and called for students to persist and succeed in college and beyond. During breakout sessions, students, faculty and staff facilitated workshops which allowed students to explore the meanings of sisterhood and brotherhood, understand campus data, discuss “who we are”, and prepare to be successful students at CSUSB. This event kicked off a year of powerful programming that will be facilitated collaboratively by students, faculty and staff. In addition, SAAS and SAAB also plan to be more visible on campus and in the community as the school year goes on by engaging in community service and serving as accountability partners to their peers to ensure that as their sister ad brother’s keeper they shall and will rise together.