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Riverside Gears up for the 17th Annual Juneteenth Celebration

RIVERSIDE, CA- The 17th Annual Riverside Juneteenth Celebration will be held, on Saturday, June 3, 2017, at Bordwell Park-Stratton Community Center, 2008 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Riverside, CA, from 12 Noon to 6 p.m. 

This FREE family festival will feature live entertainment, health and historical information, along with great food, merchandise and community service vendors. All are Welcome to this Great Family and Community Celebration.

For additional information please call (888) 752-1619 or visit www.JuneteenthSoCal.org or email info@ juneteenthsocal.org.

Are You Listening?

listening sessionSAN BERNARDINO, CA- On Tuesday, April 25, PAL Charter Academy students participated in a Youth and Law Enforcement Listening Session held at the Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino.  Hosted by Young Visionaries, the event provided excellent dialog about relations between law enforcement and the community. 

Students voiced their concerns and gave personal accounts of their experiences with the law: good and bad.  The mediator inquired how relations can be improved and one student replied, “I’ll never trust the police.”  

The listening session allowed for real discussion on real issues, and helped change perceptions.  We can improve relations by opening this type of dialog with the community and law enforcement.  This event and the Live 2 Learn community forums are part of a national push in improving these efforts and utilizing the information gathered to create change.

PAL Center Hosts Community Forum to Strengthen Ties with Law Enforcement

On Friday, April 21, the PAL Center and PAL Charter Academy hosted the second “Live 2 Learn Community Forum”. The purpose of the forum was to proactively improve communications between the local community and law enforcement. 

Chief Joseph Paulino of the San Bernardino City Unified School District Police Department has spearheaded this event in response to the negative connotations associated with law enforcement in current media. The vision of the community forum is to increase positive awareness and engagement between law enforcement and community. In many cases, reluctantly, the crowd gathered unsure of what to expect and defensive due to personal bias. Officer Ryan Tillman of the Chino Hills Police Department put spectators at ease and began to shift perspective as he shared his own personal testimony prior to joining the department. The officers who shared at this event empathized with community concerns as they began to illustrate their daily responsibilities through conversation and role-play.

Allowing students to role play with fake weapons and real life scenarios was an eye-opening experience. Student participants shared the following thoughts:  “Police wouldn’t pick on you for no reason; there’s probable cause for everything they do and I saw that in action.” Alfredo Perez, PAL Sophomore.  

“I think there are good and bad officers but I’ve only experienced bad ones before today. This was educational and informative. I appreciate good officers taking the time to share their stories and experience with us,” Jeremiah Cook, PAL Junior, stated.

Many of the myths to law enforcement were addressed by officers who are engaged in the trenches of this work daily. The question was asked, “How important is it for kids to grow up and become police officers in their neighborhoods?” The response was simple and echoed by the entire panel of officers, “There is no better option than for an officer to return and serve in the neighborhood they knew as home.”

Mr. Radden, CEO of PAL Center and Academy, reminded the audience, “Community builds community, not police. The police are there to helps us maintain law and order in the communities we build. If we want change in our community we must have knowledge and understanding about the things we need to change. This event was a great platform for students and community to get firsthand knowledge from officers, to aid in our efforts to make change in our communities and lives.”

PAL Charter Academy is providing solutions for student success by supporting students through an individualized approach to learning. PAL is currently enrolling for 2017 summer and fall sessions as well as PCA Middle School, 6th – 8th grade scheduled to open fall 2017. For more information visit the website at www.palcharteracademy.com or call 909-887-7002.